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Trip to the Beautiful Island of Elba, Tuscany, Italy

Beautiful harbor view at sunset in Porto Azzurro village on Elba Island, Italy

 Elba is an island that is a part of the famous Italian region and province of Tuscany, with the isle being a key hub of Tuscan culture with its own local twist. It is a refuge that offers the best of both worlds for people that want to experience an antique Italian town along with the stunning views that this place happens to offer. Apart from that, this place happens to have a very rich history for such a small territory out there in the Mediterranean Sea.

 In this content piece, we will be preparing you for everything you need in store for your trip to the beautiful island of Elba, Tuscany, Italy.

     History of Elba Island.

 Without a doubt, this gem in the Mediterranean has been blessed with a large historical wealth, from before the year 200 BC; the isle was inhabited by a fairly advanced early civilization known as the Ligurian Ilvates. The Ilvates were a subgroup of the Ligurian People who were a dominant civilization in Western and Central regions of Europe.

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 The Greek traders who visited the isle back then called it Aethalia due to the large amount of smoke that emerged from the location due to metal works, which were very advanced technology back in those times.

Fairy landscape of rural fields in Tuscany, Italy

 Since then, this scenic retreat off the Italian peninsula has been inhabited by the Etruscans, Romans, and the Spanish to name just a few. Apart from that, the most famous historical event is that Napoleon was exiled here from the year 1814 to 1815.

     Geography of Elba Island.

 This territory of the Tuscan archipelago is located in what is known as the Piombino channel, which is a part of the Mediterranean Sea between the Italian peninsula and also the French dominion of Corsica. Additionally, there are a total of six other islets, two of which are located above the Island while the four others are located below. These islets are located in an almost perfect semicircle like chain.

Stunning view of Portoferraio, Elba Island

 Furthermore, a mountain known as Mount Capanne is located on the sea haven, this mountain happens to be the largest in the entire province of Tuscany. It is also the tallest mountain that is part of Italy, yet not located in the Italian peninsula.

 Mount Capanne is nicknamed: ‘The roof of the Tuscan Archipelago’; the west region is mostly mountainous while the rest of the isle is less rocky and home to more forests as well as pristine beaches where you can relax.

     The Climate of Elba Island.

 The average temperature tends to average around 14.2 degrees Celsius, during the summer months the average temperature can get as high as 26.7 degrees Celsius during the month of August. Generally, the summer months of June, July, August, and also September tend to have a daily temperature of between 19 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Fetovaia Beach aerial view on Elba Island in Tuscany, Italy

 Moreover, you do not have to worry that much about rain, as it only rains on average 65 days a year, with the rainy days being spread out pretty evenly throughout the year except in the summer months when there is generally less than 5 days in the month when it rains.

 Additionally, humidity is not very high at 76 humidity, which provides for a bearable environment for you to visit. Snow is very rare; however, you will likely witness snow in the mountainous Western regions, such as on Mount Capanne.

     Flora of Elba Island.

 A trip to the beautiful island of Elba, Tuscany, Italy will allow you to witness a very diverse natural landscape that is home to thousands of different plant species. One of those is the Tyrrhenian Fern, which is named after the Tyrrhenian Sea that lies between the Italian peninsula as well as the archipelago that includes Corsica and Sardinia.

 This species of fern is noted for its long brown stem on which there are hundreds of small leaves located on, which helps to provide for its distinct look that is seen in multiple emblems on this island.

Beautiful wild beach on Elba Island in Italy

 To add to this, there is the Orange Lily or as it is known in Italy, St. John’s Lily because it usually begins to bloom on the 24th of June which coincides with Saint-Jean-Baptiste-Day. Furthermore, you have multiple species of cacti such as the Prickly Pear Cactus which actually produces edible that is a traditional food eaten by the locals.

     Fauna of Elba Island.

 Many unique species of animals are concentrated in such a small locality; for example, you have a wild sheep species known as the mouflon, which tends to live in the mountainous Western parts.

 There, the mouflon climbs up for safety and feeds on a wide variety of shrubs and grasses that are left untouched by most other animals due to their remote location. The majority of scientists agree that all modern-day sheep cared for by farmers are descendants of the mouflon sheep.

Beautiful view of the beach at the foot of the mountains on the island of Elba in Italy

 Wild boar are also very common on the isle, it is managed in protected areas that tourists are welcome to visit to explore if they wish to. Furthermore, wild boar hunting is also very popular and is a major source of meat that is used by the local restaurant industry and also for making various types of sausages and salami.

 Being surrounding by the Mediterranean Sea, you also have a lot of marine life such as common octopuses, grouper fish, and also Bluefin tuna. Bluefin tuna are the largest species of tuna in the world; they can have several tonnes large and can live over 40 years. There are hundreds of coral colonies all around, which provide a safe habitat for all animals in the sea.

     The Popularity of Cycling on Elba Island.

 Cycling is extremely popular here; there are a large number of roads built all over the isle, which gives the opportunity for the cyclers to ride around while enjoying the breathtaking scenery that this amazing holiday location has to offer.

 Moreover, there are roads for racing, which is a unique feature that few other places have to offer. Additionally, you have training tracks, where you are able to exercise and challenge yourself in a safe environment where you can also improve your ability.

Beautiful view of Cavoli Beach on Elba Island in Italy

 This is a great activity for families and also friends to be able to get involved in; it is a great bonding experience as well as something very fun to get involved in. The culture of cycling began following the successes of famous Italian cyclist Fausto Coppi, who after the Second World War became one of the most successful cyclists in the world.

     Hydrofoils on the Island of Elba.

 A unique experience you can have during your trip to the beautiful island of Elba, Tuscany, Elba is to try to ride a hydrofoil. The hydrofoil is a special water-based vehicle which when in high-speed lifts out of the water, resting on small pillars that remains in the water with the rest of the sheep up in the air.

 Few people have heard of this futuristic technology; however, it is actually a very popular way to get around in the region, and it is worth giving a try as in reality, it is not too expensive. You could even use it to get back and forth from the isle where you are staying and mainland Italy.

Fascinating view of the harbor on the island of Elba, Italy

 There are even large cruise ships that use this technology to provide a smooth and fast sailing experiencing, so if you or any of the other people you are traveling with happens to get seasick, then this can be a great solution.

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