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Exciting and Unusual Asian Customs

Image of a mysterious Asian woman

 We travel to Asia because it is exotic, and a totally different culture from being at home. Exciting and unusual Asian customs abound, and today we will take a look at a few. Some of the customs are rooted in religious beliefs, while others are of unknown origin or appear to celebrate the season.

     Drinking Tea with Meals.

 When sharing a meal with others, the host pours the teacup for you, and you drink the fragrant tea with your meal.

Image of tea ceremony in Asia

 The cup will continue to be refilled as fast as you drink it until the meal has ended.

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     Lunar New Year.

 Ruled by the cycles of the moon, which falls on different dates, and is very different from celebrating the New Year at home. There are more fireworks in Asia than we would see in a lifetime, and fireworks remain prevalent throughout the holiday, that spans 15 days.

Image of bright fireworks at night

 The Lion dance is a feature of New Year, a colorful tradition that dates back 4,000 years. Every Year is marked by a different Asian animal. Asian people are governed by tradition and superstition, and it is important that everything is correctly aligned for a year of prosperity and good fortune.

     The Asian Food Market.

 Asian food markets are in every town and city in Asia, and they are easily found online. They are huge open markets selling diverse foods, some cooked and ready to eat, while other foods may be still alive.

Image of various Asian food on the table

 This is a good place to learn about Asian culture and when you visit the night markets you will see food everywhere and can make your selection while walking around researching exciting and unusual Asian customs and purchasing food to go.

     Shoes Off Indoors.

 Whether you are in someone’s home or in a temple, one of the most common traditions is to take off your shoes at the door.

 It is disrespectful to enter a Temple wearing shoes, leave your socks on, or for those who require footwear, the slippers provided by airways long-haul flights to slip onto your feet indoors are ideal. Some of the newer homes are built with heated floors for the comfort of everyone.

Image of Asian woman in niqab

 The people of Asia mostly keep their homes spotlessly clean, and many have a basket at the door to place their shoes in when entering the house.

     The Asian Wedding.

 When traveling to Asia to attend a wedding, the bride and groom first consult with an astrologer to plan the most auspicious date and time for the wedding. This might mean that the wedding takes place at 6 AM or perhaps even 2 AM and sometimes up to nine monks take place in blessing the couple, so the ceremony can be long.

Bride and groom at Asian wedding

 After the long ceremony, everyone is ready to eat and drink and be merry, and most weddings last all day. A wealthy family may continue the festivities for two or three days to toast the couple and wish them good fortune.

     Driving in Asia and Road Safety.

 Driving can be daunting as there are so many other people on the road. However, there is a bias towards reducing collisions and being polite to others. The law states that law-abiding citizens should give away to those who are breaking the law and driving in an impolite manner.

Active car traffic at the moment of sunset

 Many people ride bicycles, and cycle lanes are often blocked with parked cars; however, you are safer in the cycle lane when riding a bike. In Asia, many pedestrians walk on the road, especially where the sidewalk is in bad condition.

 Be careful crossing the road because Pedestrian crossings are usually not observed by vehicles, and you will find that the cars are weaving around you and even on a green light it may not be safe to walk.


 Exciting and unusual Asian customs make our holiday in Asia highly memorable, and every country has its own customs. If you are taking a gift for your Asian hosts, never wrap it in blue, black, or white as these are the colors of funerals.

 Use gold or red, which are lucky colors, and it is considered impolite for your host to open the gift until you have left.

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