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Getting Started to Book Flights with Miles Plus Cash

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     What is Miles Plus Cash?

 Miles plus cash is a ticket payment method that is earned and can be spent in various ways. It allows you to make multiple payments, including booking flights. You may use a combination of miles and cash to make your payments with flexibility.

 Pay with miles is a stress-free option for travelers whose travel dates are not flexible or people that do not want to worry about looking for award flights. The minimum number of miles you should use to pay with miles plus cash is 5000. Furthermore, you may pay for your airfare entirely using your miles.

     Getting Started to Book Flights with Miles Plus Cash.

 Knowing how to get started is one of the most intimidating things when you want to start booking flights with miles plus cash. Getting stuck is understandable because there are a few steps required for you to book a flight successfully. Once you understand what you are required to do, there is so much value to unlock.

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 When planning to use miles plus cash, it would help to figure out your travel goals. Suppose you hope to redeem your miles for a domestic ticket, economy, family, or international travel. In that case, your preferences are the most essential when determining the best miles you are better off earning. That should guide you on the best option to choose.  Once you decide which flights you want to book, you should sign up and start the flight booking process.

     Signing In.

 There are two sign-in options that you may use when you want to search for flights. The first option is using your Asia Miles or Marco Polo Club login details. Marco Polo Club is a loyalty program that is used to reward Cathay Pacific’s most valuable customers. The loyalty status ranges from diamond, gold, silver to green and allows the members to enjoy various privileges.

Image of the world map and a flying plane with the advantageous offer Book Flights with Miles Plus Cash

 On the other hand, Asia Miles is Programme used to reward members, and they can earn miles to use in a wide range of lifestyle and travel awards. Suppose you are part of the Marco Polo Club loyalty program. In that case, you are automatically enrolled as an Asia Miles member. Therefore, you can use the same number when you want to redeem your miles.

     Search and Choose any Flight.

 Your choice of flight depends on your preference and needs. Upon selecting the ideal getaway for yourself, you may proceed to pay. On the payment page, choose the Miles Plus Cash payment option and make the payment.

     Paying with the Miles Plus Cash Option.

 When paying with the Miles Plus Cash option, slide the bar to either side to see the amount of cash and miles you would like to use.

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Either, you may type in the amount of money you want to spend. At this point, you are ready to complete the payment and fly.

     Completing the Payment.

 After indicating the amount of miles, you would see the required balance to complete the booking. Pay the balance to receive an instant confirmation of your booked flight.

     How to Earn Miles for Miles Plus Cash Flights?

 You can earn miles or spend them on your flights. First, you may earn miles from paying fare, depending on the rules of your ticket. Secondly, you can earn miles from payment with Cathay Pacific or Asia Miles co-branded credit cards, depending on the cash charged.

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 Afterwards, you may use your miles to complete a variety of payments. Such payments include, but are not limited to eating and sleeping at, specific hotels, booking flights and payment of flights.

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