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Interesting Trip to the City of Palermo, Italy

Nice view of the cathedral in Palermo, Italy

 Palermo is one of Italy’s biggest cities and an important hub in southern Italy, with the city also being the capital of Sicily, which is the biggest island that is part of Italy.

 It is a very old city that is home to a culture that is unique from northern and even the mainland southern regions of Italy. The city has its own distinct cuisine, music, and dialect that has been shaped by the different nations that the city was ruled by for over two thousand years.

 We will be highlighting all of the aspects of this city that will provide for an interesting trip to the city of Palermo, Italy.

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     Population of Palermo.

 It is the fifth most populous city in Italy and the second-most populous city in the southern regions of Italy. It is also the most populous hub on the island of Sicily, as well as being the capital of the island.

 Although it is one of the many towns and cities located on the island of Sicily, what sets this city apart from the rest is that it is one of the oldest. Which has led to continuous investment throughout the many centuries into the city.

View of city buildings and port in Palermo, Sicily, Italy

 The population of the city has more than quadrupled in less than 200 years, thanks to the fast-growing finance and commerce industries in the city that include banking, insurance and many different small stores that benefit from the high level of tourism in the city from other Italians as well as foreign tourists who are there to experience the Sicilian metropolis.

     Notable People Born in Palermo.

 Many notable people are born in Palermo, including a large number of aristocrats and royals due to the city’s role as the capital of multiple nations.

 One of those royals is Louise of Orleans who was a French princess that ended up becoming the first-ever Queen of the Belgians in 1832.

 She is a popular figure in Belgium due to her charitable work helping the homeless and the poor; there were even recorded cases where she would steal money from the royal family in order to give it to the poor.

Image of the beach and coastline, Palermo, Italy

 Also, there is Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies, who was born in the city as part of a Sicilian royal dynasty and went on to become the queen of Spain and later a key person in the Spanish government.

 Antonio Starabba is another famous figure who went on to become one of the first Prime Ministers of Italy in 1891 serving a total of two terms.

     History of Palermo.

 Originally, the city of Palermo was founded in 734 B.C. by the Phoenicians who were mercantile people from what is today mainland Lebanon.

 The name of the city, however, originates from the Carthaginians who took over the city soon after it was originally founded and ruled it for over 3 centuries, they called the city Panormos.

Evening view of the Norman Cathedral, city of Palermo, Italy

 After that, it was taken over in the 5th century B.C. by the Romans who ruled it for more than a Millenium, following the disintegration of the Roman Empire it was taken over by an Arab Muslims people who established the brief Emirate of Sicily for close to two centuries, but had a big influence as the modern-day name of the city is related to the Arabic version of the name ‘Balarm’.

Image of the famous Praetorian Fountain, Palermo, Italy

 After that, it was taken over by the Normans and the city remained under the rule of a French or Spanish royal family until finally, the Kingdom of Two Sicilies joined the unified nation of Italy.

     Significance of Religion in Palermo.

 You will be in for an interesting trip to the city of Palermo, Italy as Palermo is a city that values it’s religion, having been a Christian city for thousands of years during the times of the Romans and later on after it was retaken by the Normans it is home to a lot of churches and even Roman Catholic Saints.

View of the Church of San Domenico, city of Palermo, Italy

 One of those saints is Saint Rosalia who is the patron saint of the city, she was born into a noble family, but decided to leave her life of luxury and instead go and live by herself and her cave where she could get closer to god. There are also seven other Christian saints that originate from this coastal city in particular.

 One of the most famous churches is the Church of the Immaculate Conception which was built in 1740 following a construction period that took over 130 years to be finished. It is home to multiple beautiful paintings of Jesus and also important Christian Saints, and is a must-see for tourists happening to find themselves in the city.

     Cuisine of Palermo.

 You can eat great Italian food in many places in Italy, but you will never find great native Sicilian food that you can find in the city of Palermo which is the beating heart of the entire island attracting much of the city’s people as well as many of the best chefs from the island who want to specialize in cooking their native food.

View of the Politeama Garibaldi Theatre, Palermo, Italy

 One of those specialties is Pane Con La Milza, it is a traditional sandwich made using home-baked bread at the restaurant itself, which is then filled with fresh cut-up veal spleen that is then sprinkled with local Sicilian cheese.

 Also, there is the Stigghiola which is made using meat and vegetables that are herbed up and stuffed into the intestines of lamb or veal that is then cooked on a grill; it is a very popular street food that stands out from the rest thanks to its unique look of a long like sausage.

     Landmarks Located in Palermo.

 The Norman Palace is a great landmark to check out, it was built during the 9th century by the new Norman dynasty that took over the island, it blends the local architecture found in northern France while also taking inspiration by the local Arabic architecture on the island of Sicily that was there following close to two centuries of Arab rule.

View of the Quattro Canti in Palermo, Sicily

 Another unique site is the Catacombe dei Cappuccini which is a burial chamber located in the city that has existed since the 16th century, and it is home to a total of 1252 mummies. There is also the Quattro Canti which is a city square that is home to multiple fountains and old Baroque-style architecture.

     Climate of Palermo.

 Your interesting trip to the city of Palermo, Italy is going to be well complimented throughout the entire year by the climate found in the city itself and the surrounding areas around it. You will find an average temperature in the city of 21.7 degrees Celsius throughout the entire year, with the temperature rising over 30 degrees Celsius during the summer months.

Magnificent view from the mountain to the sea and the city of Palermo

 Also, during the summer it rarely rains, with an average of less than 2 rain days per month in the summer. And even though there is an average of between 8 and 9 rain days during the rest of the year, it does not rain in high volumes, so you will be able to enjoy this beautiful city without having to worry about the weather.

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