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Travel to the City of Bendigo, State of Victoria, Australia

Night view of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, city of Bendigo, Australia

 Bendigo is an inland city located in the Australian state of Victoria, named after the famous Queen Victoria of the British Empire that is one of the longest-serving monarchs in British history. Furthermore, this city is located less than 2 hours away from the coastal metropolis of Melbourne which makes Bendigo a popular commuter town for people that want to live in a much more peaceful and chilled out city.

 However, there are many other reasons to travel to the city of Bendigo, State of Victoria, Australia such as the long, eventful history of this city and also the unique environment that Bendigo is home to.

     Population of Bendigo.

 Bendigo is in the top one hundred most populated cities in Australia while writing this article Bendigo was ranked the 18th most populated cities in Australia, although this is a position that is frequently traded back and forth with other cities. Some of those cities include Ballarat, Albury-Wodonga, and Launceston.

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 The population of the city of Bendigo has seen very turbulent times when it exploded during the mid-19th century when considerable deposits of gold were discovered there.

Image of a map showing the location of the city of Bendigo, Australia

 Leading to the town of Bendigo to becoming the main base of operations for the prospective gold miners coming from all over Australia and abroad to strike it lucky and change their lives.

 During the 20th century, the city experience a slow downturn in population, but this has now changed and has seen its population grow by over 10% in the last 7 years alone.

     Notable People from Bendigo.

 Despite its fairly small size for Australia, Bendigo is home to many notable people such as Kate DeAraugo who is the third ever winner of Australian Idol.

 After winning the show, DeAraugo went on to debut with a number 1 single in the Australia charts with the song ‘A Place I’ve Never Been’.

 DeAraugo was signed to Sony Records for a total of 3 years, then she went on to have a successful independent career until she decided to retire in 2017.

View of city buildings and trees, Bendigo, Australia

 Additionally, there is Aaron Blabey who is one of Australia’s most successful children’s book writers, who is the creator of popular books and characters such as Pig the Pug and Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas.

 Bunney Brooke is another famous face to originate from Bendigo, she had one of the longest and most fruitful television careers that saw he work as an actress and later take on many different senior roles in film production.

     History of the City of Bendigo.

 Before the Europeans arrived, what is now Bendigo was inhabited by indigenous Australians, historians believe that the main tribe living in the surrounding areas were the Dja Dja Wurrung.

 The grounds were great hunting grounds, however, were not fertile enough to grow a high quantity of crops on, therefore much of the land was converted into sheep ranches.

Image of historic buildings in the city of Bendigo, state of Victoria

 In 1851, gold was discovered around Bendigo which saw the small settlement become a major city in South-Eastern Australia. After the gold rush was over after around 20 years normality returned to the city of Bendigo, the city turned to foster manufacturing and service-based businesses.

 Notably, in 1991, Bendigo incorporated multiple other surrounding settlements that the city had begun bordering due to the steady growth that it had experienced during the 20th century which saw the borders of greatly expand in just a year.

     Traditional Parks in Bendigo.

 By deciding to travel to the city of Bendigo, State of Victoria, Australia you will have the opportunity to long around and experience the traditional parks located in Bendigo. Many of these parks are some of the oldest such parks to still exist in Australia and most of the Australasian sub-continent.

Panoramic view of the city of Bendigo, state of Victoria

 One of those is the Rosalind Park which was constructed during the reign of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. It was built based on what was popular in mainland Britain, using greenhouses and multiple small gardens. What is very interesting about Rosalind Park is that since 1870 it has kept the exact same park layout.

 Additionally, there is Lake Weeroona which is a man-made lake that was a massive mine that was subsequently converted into a lake in the later years. The lake is surrounded by native trees found in the area and populated by animals such as ducks and swans that are a popular attraction in the park, with people bringing food every day to feed them.

     Climate of Bendigo.

 Officially the climate of Bendigo is classed as a relatively dry temperate climate. The average temperature throughout the year in the city is 21.2 degrees Celsius, which is a fairly moderate temperature that is easy to get used to.

 This city is home to a very unique climate that many visitors may not be aware or used to, this unique climate means that Bendigo is coldest during the summer months of June, July, and August. During those summer months, the average temperature falls to between 13.4 and 14.2 degrees Celsius.

Image of mountains and fields of vineyards, Bendigo, Australia

 Contrastingly in the months of December, January, and February the temperatures rise to between 27.4 and 30.2 degrees Celsius. This is great for people who want to experience a hot Christmas where they can surf and go to the beach, or want to travel during the winter months without having to worry about the weather.

     Transportation Options of Bendigo.

 The city of Bendigo offers the best of both worlds; it is a small city with a lot of character while also having multiple high-quality transportation links to other major hubs around it. One of the most popular categories of transportation links located in Bendigo is the motorways that connect with the surrounding cities and towns.

 The biggest one of those motorways is what is known as the Calder Highway to Melbourne which is located to the south of city and also Mildura which is located in the opposite direction to the north.

Evening view of the streets and houses in Bendigo, Australia

 There are also two railway lines running through Bendigo, the Echuca railway line, and also the Piangil railway line which offers fast and affordable transportation for people that do not have access to a car during that period of time.

 Despite its small size, Bendigo is also home to the Bendigo Airport, however for international flights the most popular options are the airports located in nearby Melbourne.

     Culture of Bendigo.

 If you travel to the city of Bendigo, State of Victoria, Australia you will experience a very rich and diverse culture. This is illustrated by the fact that Bendigo is home to the Golden Dragon Museum, which is a museum of Chinese culture and the multiple generations of Chinese people that have lived in this city.

Magnificent view of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo, Australia

 One of the most famous items displayed in this museum is the Sun Loong which is one of the world’s longest ever Chinese imperial dragon festival floats, at the time of its creation it was the world’s longest in recorded history. It is 100 meters long and required close to one hundred people to operate and many more people to create it.

 The city is also host to the Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival that is a 4-day event that has taken place every year since 2011.

 It is hosted in the popular Rosalind Park which is the oldest park in the city; one of the biggest attractions of this festival is that entry is totally free. It provides a chance to perform to hundreds of local acts, which are mostly musicians, but there are also other types of performers such as comedians.

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