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Travel to the Island of Sardinia, Italy

Magnificent views of the sea and mountains at the time of sunset, island of Sardinia, Italy

 The island of Sardinia is located in the Mediterranean Sea between the continents of Africa and Europe, Sardinia is part of Italy while the neighboring island of Corsica above it is part of France. Furthermore, Sardinia is the second-largest in the Mediterranean after the island of Sicily, which also happens to be part of Italy.

 In this article travel to the island of Sardinia, Italy article we are going to be telling you about all of the interesting aspects of this island and why you should visit it.

     History of Sardinia.

 It is believed that the first people arrived in Sardinia over 12,000 years ago during what is known as the Upper Paleolithic Age.

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 Due to the island’s position in the middle of the Mediterranean, it has been settled by many different cultural groups and been part of many different nations such as the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, various Arab Emirates, and from 1324 until 1861 it was an independent entity as the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Panoramic aerial view of Sardinia Island, Italy

 On the 17th of March 1861, the island joined the Kingdom of Italy after hundreds of years of foreign rule and also independence.

 Today Sardinia is a thriving region of Italy that attracts millions of tourists every single year that visit the island in order to experience the unique wildlife, geography, history, and also culture which has developed in its own unique way due to centuries of independence.

     Geography of Sardinia.

 Sardinia is a pretty large island, as we have already mentioned it is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean.

 In fact, island is over 24,000 kilometers squared in size, which means that it is around the same size as the countries of North Macedonia and Djibouti.

 To the south of the island, you have the Mediterranean Sea, to the east, you have what is known as the Tyrrhenian Sea and to the west, you have the Sea of Sardinia which is named after the island of Sardinia itself.

Image of a pier with yachts on the island of Sardinia, Italy

 Additionally, the island is home to very tall coastal cliffs that can get as tall as 1,000 meters. The reason for this is millions of years of continuous erosion. There are not a lot of major rivers within the island of Sardinia, the biggest river is the Tirso which is 154 kilometers in length and enters from the Gulf of Oristano which is located in the west of the island.

     Sports of Sardinia.

 The local Sardinians are very big fans of sports such as football, motorsports, winter sports, and local Sardinian sports that are played mainly on the island of Sardinia.

 The biggest football club on the island is Cagliari Calcio which is located and named after the city of Cagliari which also happens to be the provincial capital of the island.

 Cagliari Calcio completes in Series A which is the top football division in Italy with Cagliari Calcio generally being a mid-table to bottom table team.

Beautiful landscape view of the island of Sardinia

 Moreover, the island is home to the Dinamo Sassari basketball team which is one of Europe’s top basketball teams that in 2019 won the FIBA Europe Cup which saw the club become basketball champions of all of Europe.

 There are also many watersports such as swimming and surfing, as well as winter sports that take place on the four biggest ski resorts on the island that are located on the tallest mountains.

 Moreover, there are traditional Sardinian sports such as a form of wrestling known as Sardinian Wrestling and also horse riding with the island of Sardinia having a long tradition of horse riding. It is estimated that around 29% of people on the island know how to ride a horse.

     National Parks of Sardinia.

 A great reason to travel to the island of Sardinia, Italy is that the island is home to a breathtaking landscape and environment. Around 25% of the entire island of Sicily is under the authority of national parks.

View from Bear Rock, Sardinia, Italy

 The three biggest national parks on the island of Sardinia are Asinara National Park, Gennargentu National Park, and Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park. Although there are around 10 smaller national parks.

 The Asinara National Park spans the entirety of the island of Asinara which is the second-largest island after the island of Sant’ Antioco.

 Asinara Island means ‘Donkey-inhabited Island’ which is due to the large number of albino donkeys that live on the island which first arrived in the 19th century and ended up thriving due to a lack of people on the island.

Image of a popular place on the island of Sardinia is Red Rock

 While the other parks are based on the east and north coast’s respectively and offer the visitor to experience both the greenery and also the untouched beaches of Sicily.

     Going for a Drive in Sardinia.

 You would have likely seen in movies, adverts, or even music videos those stunning camera shots of cars driving on roads located next to the coast and crystal clear waters. On the island of Sardinia, you are able to experience exactly this, and you can do it for free.

 There are no tolls on any of the roads of Sardinia, thanks to this you are able to drive around the island in your own car or an affordable rented car without any worries.

Image of beautiful nature and coastline, Sardinia, Italy

 The best roads for these are the T10, the T40, and the T30 which are the longest roads on the island; however, there are also many other smaller roads that allow you to drive by the sea and experience the fresh breeze as well as the amazing sun-kissed horizon.

 Furthermore, this way you will be able to experience everything that Sardinia has to offer, and not just the main tourist attractions in the big cities of Cagliari and Sassari.

     The Biggest Producer of Corks in Italy.

 Wine culture is ingrained in the island of Sardinia. This is perfectly illustrated in the fact that the island produces 80% of all of the corks that are produced in all of Italy. This is equivalent to around 20,000 tons of cork, which is used primarily for wine corks that help preserve wine in glass bottles.

 But also prevent over-fermentation. However, cork can also be used in other ways such as for clothing, handbags, and even baseballs this is because the material is strong but at the same time breathable and light.

View of the street and houses, Sardinia, Italy

 Cork is made from tree bark tissue of a tree known as the Cork Oak, with the trunk of adult trees being harvested around every nine years depending on the species. Thanks to this strong wine culture, there are many vineyards where you can go and taste some of Europe’s and even the world’s best wines, as well as even stay over in centuries-old buildings that have been converted into hotels.

     More Than Enough Beaches.

 If you love relaxing on the beach, then it may be a good idea to travel to the island of Sardinia, Italy. The island is home to around 1850 kilometers of coastline which translates to over 200 beaches with lifeguards and amenities.

Image of the sea with yachts on a bright and sunny day, Sardinia, Italy

 Some of the best of these beaches are the Spiaggia del Principe that is renowned for its white sandy beaches which are naturally this color due to the nearby granite cliffs, the light blue water, and the nearby forest that is great fun if you decide to explore it.

 Moreover, there is the Su Giudeu Beach which is a clean and safe beach that is attended by tens of thousands every single year.

 Regardless of what part of Sardinia that you find yourself in you will be close up to some of the top beaches in Europe. Relaxing at your local beach is a great way to relax and wind down from all your travels and work.

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