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Top 20 Most Popular Attractions in Sydney, Australia

Image of panoramic view of Sydney, Australia

 In this article, we will be looking at the Top 20 most popular attractions in Sydney, Australia.

     Barrenjoey Lighthouse.

Attraction in Sydney, Australia - Barrenjoey Lighthouse

 Barrenjoey Lighthouse is located at Barrenjoey Head at Palm Beach. It is inside Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, which is currently closed due to the bush fire risks at the moment.

 So check the Internet before you go. You can walk around the lighthouse exterior any day of the week (when the park is open), but tours inside the lighthouse only take place on Sundays.

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     Bondi Beach.

Image of Bondi Beach, Sydney

 Bondi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world. Picnics and “Fish and Chips” are a favorite with the locals. There are also a number of cafes and bars adjoining the beach. These are a great place to come for breakfast following an early morning walk on the beach. You can learn to surf or at weekend attend you can attend one of the markets there.

     Bronte Beach.

Bronte Beach - great beach for Sydney tourists

 Bronte Beach is a small beach in the eastern suburbs of Sydney (2 km south of Bondi Beach). At the southern end of the beach is one of the best-known ocean pools in Sydney (30 m).

 There is a dangerous riptide at Bronte beach and the beach is patrolled by members of the Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club. The beach is adjoined by a public park, where there are barbecue hotplates and benches.

     Cockatoo Island.

Image of Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site, Australia

 Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island is known in the Dharug language as Wareamah, which means women’s land. The island is known as an important arts venue. In the past, the island has served as a penal establishment, a reformatory school and shipyard for the navy.

 The island has accommodation and a campsite by the water. It also features family cafes and picnic spots. Cockatoo Island is in Sydney Harbour.

     Gordons Bay.

Gordons Bay - popular place for tourists

 Near Coogee beach is a small bay which is protected by a reef. It is found on the coastal walk between Bondi and Coogee beaches. There is no parking and is only accessible from the coastal walk.

 There is a small belt of sand but hardly enough to get excited about as it is mostly covered by boats from the local fishing club. Gordons Bay is also popular with snorkelers and divers, and there is an underwater nature trail.

     Hyde Park.

Hyde Park - park in the central business district of Sydney

 Hyde Park is a forty-acre park in the central business district of Sydney. Hyde Park is the oldest public park in Australia. The park contains 580 trees and well-maintained gardens.

 The park is almost a rectangle with one end being slightly curved. Surrounding the park are a number of important buildings. In the 1920s, a lot of the park was dug up, so they could build the Sydney underground railway. Following this, some new features were added to the park.

     Luna Park.

Luna Park - Amusement park in Sydney

 Luna Park is a heritage-listed Amusement Park that is owned and operated by a government agency. It was built in 1935. Originally, it was a seasonal venue, but in 1972 it switched to all year opening. It was relaunched in 1982, 1995 and again in 2004.

 Luna Park is one of two amusement parks that are protected by law, and it has been a location for several movies. The 2004 relaunch saw big changes made with the addition of a 2,000 seater multipurpose auditorium was added, together with other new features.

 Something not to be missed is Coney Island, which is the only 1930s style FunHouse to be still operating. The design was based on other examples of funhouses in the USA and Europe. This is possible because of the protected status of the Park.

     Manly Wharf.

Beautiful view of Manly Wharf

 Manly Wharf was a ferry terminal originally, but they have now added a host of leisure facilities. It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage listings in 1980. The area is home to a wide variety of restaurants and bars, ranging from fine dining to fast food.

 There is also the Manly Art Gallery and Museum, The Manly Corso (a pedestrian street and popular shopping area) with street buskers and fountains for children to play in.

     Museum of Contemporary Art.

Image of Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

 The MCA is the leading museum in Australia that features the work of today’s artists. The museum gets over a million visitors each year with an ever-changing rota of exhibitions.

 The museum is located right on the edge of Sydney Harbour on lands that have special importance to Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. At the entrance to the site is an explanation of this significance. The museum has over 4,000 Australian artists.

     Palm Beach.

Palm Beach - peninsula with surf on one side and tranquil water on the other, Sydney

 Palm Beach is often called “Palmy” by the local population. The beach is at the end of a peninsula, with surf on one side and tranquil water on the other. The beach has beautiful golden sands and clear waters. These natural attractions have brought the wealthy from Sydney to construct holiday homes in the hills of the Peninsula. At the head of the peninsula, there is Barrenjoey Head and the Barrenjoey Lighthouse.

 Try the “beach to bay walk”, or really keen hikers could take the challenge of the Sydney Great Coastal Walk. This is a 62-mile walk from Barrenjoey to the Royal National Park in South Sydney.

     Queen Victoria Building.

Image of Queen Victoria Building - famous historical building in Sydney

 Queen Victoria Building is a late 19th-century building. The building was built between 1893 and 1898. It is 98 ft. wide and 620 ft. long. The building was designed by George McRae at a time when there was a building boom going on. He produced four designs, of which the council chose the Romanesque style. The site is the size of a whole city block and has been used in the past as a produce market and central police court.

 In 1893, the city bought the land and built a new market building which included tailors, hairdressers, mercers, florists, and coffee shops. In 1910, they moved the market elsewhere and the new Market Buildings were renamed the Queen Victoria Building. Uses included a library, the electrical department, and tea rooms.

 In 1910, it was remodeled again as retail and office space. Once again in 1935 it was remodeled again and given over to the expanding Electricity department. For many years, there were proposals and counter-proposals about the building, including demolition. Between 2008 and 2009 it reopened again as a retail complex.

     Royal Botanic Garden.

Royal Botanic Garden - a popular tourist attraction in Sydney, Australia

 The Royal Botanic Garden allows visitors to explore the garden, learn about Aboriginal culture or just chill out in a green space in the city. The Calyx is a space that offers food shopping and events.

 The Aboriginal Experience is where you can learn about foraging for Bush foods. Check out the Princes’ Rose Garden or the Australian Native Rockery. Take a guided walk or take a tour on the choo-choo Express.

     Shark Island.

Shark Island - small islands in Sydney Harbour

 Shark Island is one of several small islands in Sydney Harbour. It is famous for its great beaches and both surfing and bodyboarding. It’s a great place for a picnic and swimming. In short, it’s a great place to come and relax. It really is primarily a place to relax, there is very little else to do there.

     South Head.

South Head - beautiful place in Sydney

 South Head offers great photo opportunities. Between June and September, it is a great place for whale watching. Take the South head Heritage Trail for more wonderful viewpoints. A great place to watch the sunset while sitting on the rocks.

     Sydney Harbour.

World famous attraction - Sydney Harbour, Australia

 Sydney Harbour is famous all over the world and not only does it host some world-class architectural features; such as the Sydney Opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It also has a large number of water-related activities, such as dining cruises, speedboat rides. The Harbour is alive with yachts and kayaks.

     Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Image of Sydney Harbour Bridge - Australia Attractions

 We continue our guide to the Top 20 most popular attractions in Sydney, Australia with information on Sydney Harbour Bridge.

 Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world. Its nickname among the local population is “The Coathanger”. It is possible to either walk or cycle over the bridge if you wish.

 In fact, you can also climb to the top if you are adventurous. If you choose to walk the bridge non-stop, then it is going to take around 1 hour. They do offer a self-guided audio walk for those walking the bridge.

     Sydney Observatory.

Image of Sydney Observatory

 Sydney Observatory is located in a sandstone building (heritage listed) in the rocks on Observatory hill. It was opened in 1858 There are tours both in the daytime and evenings. You can walk around the building for free, exploring the gardens, but if you want to enjoy a day or evening tour, you need to prebook.

     Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House - Arts Centre in the City of Sydney, Australia

 Sydney Opera House has several venues and features a variety of performing arts. It has seven resident companies offering a diverse program. It is also one of the most famous architectural structures in the world.

     Sydney Tower.

Panoramic view of the Sydney Tower is the tallest building in Sydney

 Sydney Tower is the tallest building in Sydney. It is also the second-highest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere. It has been part of the Sydney skyline for some thirty years.

 The first 52 shops in the attached shopping center opened in 1972. The offices in 1974, and the tower in 1981. It is ranked as one of the safest buildings in the world, with resistance to both earthquakes and high winds.

     The Rocks.

Image of the Rocks is a historic district close by Sydney Harbour Bridge

 The Rocks is a historic district close by Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is popular as a place to shop and socialize for both tourists and locals. You will find some of Sydney’s oldest pubs and some of the best restaurants here. The street entertainment is fantastic, and it is also home to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

 We hope that you have enjoyed our rundown of the Top 20 most popular attractions in Sydney, Australia.

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