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Fascinating Trip to the City of Wollongong, Australia

View of the Headland of Wollongong city on Pacific Coast of Australia

 Wollongong is a coastal town located in eastern Australia in the state of New South Wales, which is the same state that the Australian capital of Canberra is located further inland.

 The city and the surrounding areas are also nicknamed ‘the Gong’ which is a play on words on the ending of the name ‘Wollongong’. It’s a big city that is famed for its industrial and mechanical industries that remain some of the biggest employers in this metropolis.

 In this fascinating trip to the city of Wollongong, Australia article we are going to be opening your eyes to everything that this coastal hub has to offer.

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     Population of Wollongong.

 Population: 0.3 million. The city is firmly in 10th position in the list of the most populous cities in Australia, it is sandwiched between the Sunshine Coast city who has a higher population, and the city of Geelong with a lower population number.

 The coastal city has been occupied by people a very long time before the first settlers from Europe arrived.

 In fact, the name of the city is said to have its origins from an indigenous Australian language that was found in the area that the city is currently in. Historians and linguists believe that the word ‘Wollongong’ means ‘seas of the South’ which would make sense considering where this city is located.

Image of a map showing the location of the city of Wollongong, Australia

 After coal and precious metals were discovered in the city, the population grew dramatically and cemented the city’s place as one of the most populated locations on the ease hub of Wollongong.

     Notable People Born in Wollongong.

 Many notable people can trace their origins to this coastal hub; these accomplished people include John Jarratt who is a television producer and actor. He has played major roles in well-known Australian films such as The Last Outlaw, Next of Kin, and Dead Heart. Since 1975, Jarratt has been in the movie business and continues to have a major role either in acting or the creation of movies to this day.

 Other well-known Australian celebrities from this city include Kerryn McCann who was one of the most successful Australian athletes; she won the 2002 and 2006 Commonwealth Games in the marathon running discipline.

View of the Wollongong Lighthouse, Australia

 There is also Nikki Gemmell who is one of the best-selling Australian authors, she is best known for her book Fifty Shades of Grey which was later adapted into a film that became one of the most popular films of 2015.

     History of Wollongong.

 Before the colonists arrived, the areas where the city now stands on was controlled by the Dharawal tribe.

 The area was first discovered by British colonists George Bass and Matthew Flinders in 1796 with the first settlers arriving promptly in 1812. Coal was discovered in 1797 and this led to big interest from the British to settle the areas.

 The rich natural resources that were present in the area led to fast industrialization of the area, with the construction of a lighthouse to make it easier for the mines to ship coal out of Australia as well as the construction of a telegraph line in 1862 and a locomotive in 1880.

Aerial view of the city of Wollongong, Australia

 The large deposits coal and also metals made it a popular destination for different types of industrial and manufacturing companies which set up in the city and helped make it a much more attractive place for people to settle in and also much richer. In the past 50 years, the local governments have focused on diversifying the economies into other areas such as tourism, green technology, and fine arts among many others.

     The Rich Culture of Wollongong.

 One thing you will notice if you go on a fascinating trip to the city of Wollongong, Australia is that it is a city that prides itself on its culture. For example, it is home to the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music, which is one of Australia’s oldest educational institutions for musicians.

 The age groups range from pre-school children all the way to adults of all ages. Students can enroll in a variety of classes based on their personal preference that teaches them how to play certain instruments and sing certain styles of music.

View of the harbor at the time of the storm, Wollongong, Australia

 Furthermore, there is the Merrigong Theatre Company which is a major employer in the city and location for youngsters and aspiring artists of all kinds to get work experience and if get spotted by leaders in the industry that can open doors for them to have a successful career in the arts.

 This pride of the arsenal and high investment in it by the local government and community has paid off, with a native of the city, Cyrus Villanueva becoming the seventh winner of The X Factor Australia.

     Climate of Wollongong.

 The climate of the city is a diverse mix climate that is in between an oceanic climate and a humid subtropical climate. Throughout the whole year, the average temperature is 22 degrees Celsius, with the average temperature remaining steady over much of the year.

 The coolest months of the year are June, July, and August where the average temperature ranges from between 17.2 and 18.6 degrees Celsius. While the rest of the year, the temperature ranges from 20.7 to 25.8 degrees Celsius.

View of beautiful nature and beach in city of Wollongong, Australia

 Many people may be surprised that the summer months are, in fact, the coldest; however, this all has to do with the way the earth spins with the side of the world where this part of the world is experiencing less sunlight and heat from the sun during the summer period.

     Top Sports in Wollongong.

 Thanks to the great weather found in Wollongong, outdoor sports are a very popular occurrence.

 The most popular sport is rugby which is a contact sport played with an oval ball that originates from a town in England called ‘Rugby’. A professional rugby club is located in the city that is called St. George Illawarra Dragons, the club is generally in a mid-table position.

Image of a road bridge along the coastline, Wollongong, Australia

 Additionally, cricket is very popular with many internationally successful athletes in these disciplines originating from the city such as Trent Johnson who became the captain of the Irish cricket team and Phil Jaques who played for the Australian national team.

 Other popular sports include swimming thanks to the great weather all year round and also running which can be done in the many parks located in the city.

     Main Attractions in Wollongong.

 You are in store for a very fascinating trip to the city of Wollongong, Australia by visiting this city. One eye-catching attraction that you and your companions should visit is the Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple, which is a Taiwanese Buddhist Temple that is believed to be one of the largest Buddhist temples in the entire Southern Hemisphere. It is attended by tourists as well as the big coastal Buddhist community, made up mainly by people of Chinese and Taiwanese ancestry.

View of the Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple, city of Wollongong

  There is also the sea cliff bridge that provides amazing views for people to enjoy, there are also nearby parking and viewing spots where people can relax and enjoy great food.

 If you are traveling with young children then a good place to consider is the Jamberoo Action Park which is a great location for the children to use up their energy and is also a great way to cool down from the all-year-round heat.

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