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Travel to the Unique Volcanic Island of Lord Howe, Australia

Magnificent view of the volcanic Island of Lord Howe, Australia

 Lord Howe Island is an Australian island that was formed around 7 million years ago by a volcanic explosion from a nearby volcano, whose remains can still be seen to this day. The island is well known for its crescent shape, with the island of Lord Howe being home to a diverse environment that includes mountains, plains, forests, and beaches.

 In this travel to the unique volcanic Island of Lord Howe, Australia article we will be telling you about all of the interesting details about this South Pacific island.

     History of Lord Howe Island.

 Due to the small size of Lord Howe Island, it was uninhabited for the majority of its history however it was discovered by the local Polynesians. The first Europeans arrived on Lord Howe Island in 1788 when the British ship HMS Supply led by Henry Lidgbird Ball.

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 Ball named the biggest mountain on the island of Lord Howe after himself and named the island after Richard Howe who was the admiral of the fleet that Ball was a lieutenant in.

Image of the unique landscape of Lord Howe Island

 In 1834, the first settlers arrived on the island, for the next hundred years the total permanent population of the island remained very small at the time being less than 20 people. Today, there are close to 400 people living on the island.

 That work in the tourism industry as well as in fishing and whaling. Since the early days, this Island was an important restock point for ships; it continues to partially retain this role, however, mainly for small vessels.

     Geography of Lord Howe Island.

 The island is located in between the island nations of Australia which is to the west and New Zealand which is located to the east. Lord Howe Island itself is currently 14.55 square kilometers in size. Furthermore, the island is accompanied by 28 other islands that are all officially administered by the local administration of Lord Howe Island.

Panoramic view of the nature of the island and the ocean, Lord Howe Island

 There are a total of 11 beaches, the biggest one of which and the most popular being located in the west of the island, in the west of the island there is also a coral reef that is home to hundreds of different marine species.

 The majority of the people live in the North of the Island. This is where the accommodation for the tourists is also located. While the southern region is left untouched, with many different animals living there and frequent guided tours being available throughout the year.

     The Animals of Lord Howe Island.

 Thanks to the fact that the island has been left untouched by human civilization for much of its millions of years of history, there are many species of animals that can be found only on Lord Howe Island.

 These animals include the phasmid which is a tropical stick insect that is known for its long legs and its appearance which leads it to be nicknamed the ‘land lobster’ due to having a similar appearance and in some cases a similar red color.

View of the mountain and the ocean with splashing fish, Island of Lord Howe

 Moreover, there is the Woodhen which is a flightless bird that is light brown in color that lives in the woods in the Southern Part of Lord Howe Island, the bird feeds mainly on insects, worms, and also fruits that have fallen down from the trees.

     Lord Howe Island Is an Approved World Heritage Site.

 The entire Lord Howe Island is approved by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, which is due to the island being one of the world’s best-preserved examples of islands that have been formed by volcanoes.

 As stated earlier above in this article, the island is very well-preserved due to the fact that it has been uninhabited by people for much of the island’s existence.

Spectacular aerial view of Lord Howe Island, Australia

 The local administration of the island of Lord Howe works very hard on preserving the World Heritage status of the island with 75% of the entire island being managed by the Permanent Park Preserve.

 The Permanent Park Preserve manages the forests of the southern part of the island, the mountains located both in the South and the North, the small islands around Lord Howe as well as the coral reef and waters in the vicinity of the island.

     Water-Based Activities on Lord Howe Island.

 In this article about travel to the unique volcanic island of Lord Howe, Australia it is important to talk about the water-based activities that are available on the island. These activities include scuba diving that allows you to go down and explore the coral reef and all of the amazing creatures that call the reef their home.

Image of Lord Howe Island and the ocean on a sunny day, Australia

 Alternatively, there is snorkeling which allows you to swim in the shallow parts of the water and also get close to small fish, crabs, and other creatures. Snorkeling is a great option for those that are not confident swimmers or are looking to save a bit of money.

 There are also more relaxing and less physically demanding activities such as kayaking and fishing that allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as talk to the people accompanying you on your adventure.

     Land-Based Activities on Lord Howe Island.

 Unlike many other small islands, Lord Howe also has a lot of options for people that are interested in activities that are land-based.

 There is cycling, where you can bring your own bike or rent a bike, for the time being, you can cycle in the modern cycling infrastructure of the island since cycling is a major tourist attraction. Alternatively, you can mountain bike in some parts of the forest, which can be more exciting for some people.

Image of a golf course on Lord Howe Island, Australia

 Furthermore, there is a golf course on the island; the 9-hole golf course is sandwiched between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean thus helping to provide an irreplaceable round of golf.

 There is also a lawn ball club which is a sport where you roll a ball on a finely cut lawn of grass with the aim of getting your team’s balls closest to the targets.

     The Climate of Lord Howe Island.

 The climate of Lord Howe is officially classified as a humid subtropical climate; the average temperature throughout the year is around 23 degrees Celsius. The hottest months are December, January, and February where the average temperature gets as high as 25.7 degrees Celsius, while the coolest months tend to be the months of June, July, and August.

Beautiful view of the palm trees and the beach at low tide, Lord Howe Island

 Some people may be surprised by this, however, this all has to do with the location of Lord Howe Island on the face of planet Earth which affects at what time of the year it gets the most exposure to the sun’s rays.

 It rains for around 204 days a year, with the majority of the rain occurring during the summer months, however, it does not rain in high amounts so, therefore, you do not have to worry too much about getting soaking wet when visiting the island of Lord Howe.

     Lord Howe Island’s Restaurants and Bars.

 If you plan to travel to the unique volcanic island of Lord Howe, Australia then it is good to know about the restaurant and bars that you can dine on this Pacific island. There are over 10 different food outlets on the island.

Image of the coastline at Lord Howe Island, Australia

 These include Beachcomber Island that serves mainly seafood as well as popular Australian food. Also, there is the Coral Cafe, where you can relax, have a chat and unwind as well as have something to eat.

 Moreover, if you are looking for something that is more sophisticated then you have the Arajilla Restaurant that serves very high-quality food and drinks, although it does come at a higher price, and you also need to book a table in advance. There is also the Lord Howe Island Bowling Club, where you can have fun playing bowling while eating tasty food.

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