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How is The New Year Celebrated in European Countries?

Image of New Year's fireworks in Europe

 Seeing the New Year in Europe is a magical time, especially when snow is falling muffling the noise of traffic, and blanketing everything in white powdery flakes. Everyone should do this once, to find out how the New Year is celebrated in European countries. The best way to enjoy it is to rug up and go outside into the night.

     New Year’s Eve.

 When coming together on New Year’s Eve in Europe, you will meet many people from diverse cultural backgrounds The message of New Year is about new beginnings and letting go of any old negativity.

Image of Santa Claus near the Christmas tree

 Any part of Europe is perfect to see the New Year in, and having snow will make it even more special. We will position ourselves to see the fireworks, a traditional way to celebrate the new year while enjoying a glass of mulled wine.

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 Restaurants stay open until well into the night in European cities, and after we see the New Year in, we will have dinner to mark the occasion.

     How is the New Year Celebrated in European Countries?

 The streets are alive with music, as everyone is outside, including many small children marveling at the snow. When we travel to Europe, it becomes very crowded, and it is important to book centrally located hotels before leaving home.

Image of a happy family in a ski resort

 In the squares are enormous, decorated Christmas trees adorned with lights and tinsel, as the snow continues to fall, we hear the sound of sleigh bells. We drop into a cafe to have a mug of hot chocolate to revive us for the fireworks display.

Joyful company of people skiing in the mountains in the snow

 Real chocolate, not powdered chocolate, is used in Europe and the flavor is delicious. The cafe smells of cinnamon and other spices used in pastries and cakes. In different time zones New Year falls a few hours apart, and when you are traveling in Europe the time back home is different!

     Celebrating in Europe.

 To raise a toast to the New Year, you will always be offered a local glass of wine or spirits, and the new year is welcomed with singing and music.

Young couple in love on New Year's Eve by the Christmas tree

 Because it is the middle of winter, darkness falls from about 4:30 in the afternoon, and the nights are long and cold. Children are out building snowmen, and some of them are very good at snow sculpting the snowman has black button eyes and a carrot for the nose, and usually won’t melt for several days when it stays cold in Europe.

     Night Life.

 In many European cities, backpackers travel to the destinations with the most nightlife. The nightclubs are everywhere, and on New Year’s Eve, they are often still open at 6 am, (depending on the country).

Man and woman celebrating New Year in a restaurant

 The tourists enjoy the vibe, the music, and the company of fellow travelers, and at New Year most people are on holiday.


 Celebrating the New Year in Europe is a must, as there is something for everyone to enjoy. The shop windows are all styled for the season, and we can spend hours walking the streets and window shopping both day and night.

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