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Overview of the 15 Most Beautiful Sights in Europe

Fascinating nature and beautiful waterfall in Europe

 Europe is never dull, Europe is never boring. From historical landmarks to architectural wonders and locations with absolutely gorgeous natural beauty, there are so many places to see in the continent. If you are planning a vacation in the near future, this overview of the 15 most beautiful sights in Europe will surely serve as a guide.

   So, let’s get started!

  1. Yorkshire Dales, England.

Image of nature in Yorkshire Dales, England

 One of the most beautiful places in the British Isles, Yorkshire Dales is a piece of heaven. It is home to some amazing geological wonders and will keep you amazed for a long time. You will find a lot of scenic locations here including Aysgarth Falls, Malham Cove, and Bolton Priory.

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 The place covers everything from natural beauty to historical sites like church and fortress ruins from the ancient times and is therefore an attraction for people of all ages.

  1. Ben Nevis, Scotland.

Fascinating mountain view in Ben Nevis, Scotland

 The tallest mountain in Scotland, Ben Nevis holds a challenge for serious mountaineers as well as casual hikers who are looking for some thrill and excitement. Not only the hike is quite adventurous, the view from the top is simply amazing.

 Hundreds of people from the world over visit Scotland each year only to climb Ben Nevis and take back home some unforgettable memories.

  1. Picos de Europa, Spain.

View of the valley in the Picos de Europa, Spain

 If you want to see the best of Spain, you have got to pay a visit to this mountain range. This national park is home to beautiful lakes, amazing wildlife, viewpoints, forests, lovely stone houses, village, and challenging hiking trails.

 The visit can turn out to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Whether you want to enjoy the weather, see local animals from up close or simply take pleasure in natural beauty around this part of the world, Picos de Europa is the place to be.

  1. Henne Strand, Denmark.

Image of the beach in Henne Strand, Denmark

 If you want to have a thoroughly fulfilling vacation, choose Denmark as your destination and don’t forget to visit Henne Strand in West Jutland. Covering miles and miles of white sand, the beaches offer a private space for every family to have a time of their life.

 There is also a nearby area dedicated for bird watching and much more to do in this little heaven on earth. There are also world-class restaurants located nearby to help you taste local Danish food and many other cuisines on your vacation.

  1. Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Panoramic aerial view of a village in Lofoten Islands, Norway

 There are many remarkable sights in Norway, but Lofoten is simply out of this world. Lofoten is an archipelago in Norway, and it’s known around the world for its spectacular scenery. If you or your children find the life of the Vikings interesting and intriguing, then do visit this place.

 There is a museum nearby where you can find hundreds of artifacts from the Vikings era and feel connected to them. Lofoten will offer tons of opportunities for the entire family to connect to nature and actually feel its untamed beauty.

  1. Hortobagy National Park, Hungary.

Image of Hortobagy National Park, Hungary

 This national park in Hungary is a UNESCO World Heritage Center and a place worth visiting. Its rich cultural history and folklore is famous all around the world. It is recommended to visit this place in spring, when many species of flowers could be seen blossoming.

 There are many attractions to see in this area including Lake Tisza, a man-made lake consisting of an Eco-center, Nine-arched Bridge, a historic bridge and many others. This national park is Hungary’s largest protected area, so if you happen to be in Hungary, don’t forget to visit the place to feel mesmerized by its beauty.

  1. The Azores, Portugal.

Panoramic view of Lake in Azores, Portugal

 If you love trekking in places booming with natural beauty, The Azores is the place to be. This is actually a group of several volcanic islands, offering spectacular scenery and so much to do. There are fishing villages and green pastures to explore, as well as vineyards and many other sites to take pleasure in.

 The islands are known for whale and dolphin watching and many tourists visit the place only to pursue this activity. There are also some beaches in this part of the world that have been well maintained over the years.

  1. Hallstatt, Austria.

Charming winter view of Hallstatt, Austria

 A village in Austria that is simply out of this world, Hallstatt is a site you must not miss especially if you happen to be in Austria for a vacation. It is small, but it’s absolutely breathtaking; so natural and so pure.

 The village got so much famous that China even built a copy of it in one of its cities. But the original version is definitely more intriguing and almost dreamlike. You will be able to take lots of memorable photos here and take back home some sweet memories of the place.

  1. The Mont Saint-Michel, France.

Sunset view, Mont Saint-Michel, France

 If you want to see the most visited monument in France, Mont Saint-Michel is the place to be. It is a famous tourist site and hundreds of people visit the place to take photographs of the monument from different angles.

 It is located in Normandy, which also offers a lot of activities for the tourists and many other attractions within the vicinity.

  1. Prague Castle, Czech Republic.

View of Prague Castle, Czech Republic

 Visit the official office of the President of the Czech Republic and be mesmerized by its grandeur and beauty. The same castle was once inhabited by the kings of Bohemia and Holy Roman emperors, and therefore it has a rich history attached to it. It is another UNESCO monument and one of the most visited sights in Europe.

 It is huge and majestic and the entire castle lights up in the evening. People who enjoy historical sites will definitely love it.

  1. Santorini, Greece.

Beautiful view of the houses and the sea in Santorini, Greece

 If you want to experience the true untamed beauty of Greece, visit Santorini. Once you are here, you will forget all other beaches in the world. Get ready to witness read sands at Red Beach and black sands at Kamari Beach.

 There are also many other historical sites surrounding the area consisting of ancient ruins and abandoned settlements dating back to the ninth century. There are breathtaking views to discover as well as many activities to pursue as a family.

  1. Tuscany, Italy.

Panoramic view of a landscape in Tuscany, Italy

 If you want to visit the most beautiful region in Italy, go and see Tuscany and you wouldn’t want to return. It is known for its breathtaking rolling-hills landscapes and rich history, consisting of medieval villages and Renaissance art.

 You will not only be able to taste the best Italian food here but also see Italy’s best wineries and enjoy great weather. There are many things to do in this part of the world, and a local travel guide will help you find the best activities to make your vacation more worthwhile.

  1. The Swiss Alps, Switzerland.

Image of magnificent mountains and lake in Swiss Alps, Switzerland

 Switzerland is almost always in the itinerary of a Europe tour. Although the entire country is worth seeing, the Swiss Alps are definitely not to be missed, especially if you enjoy winter sports.

 From skiing and snowboarding to hiking and enjoying natural beauty of this region, there is so much to do here. Beautiful, tranquil villages along with peaceful lakes and many other places to take pleasure in are some of the highlights of this area.

  1. Phoenix Park, Ireland.

Wellington monument in the Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland

 If you happen to be in Ireland, Phoenix Park is one of the destinations in Dublin that you will surely enjoy. It’s a huge park consisting of many attractions including zoological gardens, monuments and flower gardens.

 The park is also home to the official residence of the President of Ireland. The park is 350 years old, but it has been well maintained over the years. Only about 7% of the park is covered with buildings and roads, the rest consists of natural beauty and mesmerizing views.

  1. Topkapi Palace, Turkey.

The image of sight of Topkapi Palace, Turkey

 A visit to Turkey would be incomplete without seeing Topkapi Palace in its famous city of Istanbul. The palace has been home to many generations of Turkish kings, also known as sultans. It consists of beautiful lush green courtyards and many other sights that you will enjoy.

 If you want to experience the true Turkish culture and feel attached to its history, there is no better place than Topkapi Palace to achieve it. There are many other famous attractions located nearby, as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding beauty.


 Europe is home to not just popular tourist destinations but also some hidden gems that we have included in this overview of the 15 most beautiful sights in Europe. From stunning islands, lakes and mountains to ancient ruins, national parks and architecture, there is simply a lot to explore.

 The places discussed in this article give a true taste of their local culture and heritage. They offer breathtaking scenic natural beauty found nowhere else in the world. Keep this roundup handy whenever you plan a Europe tour with family to make your vacation more enjoyable and worthwhile by seeing all the famous and gorgeous sights in the continent.

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