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Interesting Trip to Rabat, Morocco

Beautiful square with Hassan tower at Mausoleum of Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco

 They created Rabat in the 12th century as an Arab military outpost. The name Rabat came from the generic word for a military outpost, which is Ribat.

 By the 17th century, Rabat was a hotbed of piracy aimed at the Europeans. It became the capital of Morocco in 1912. The city is home to the royal family.

 Unlike some other countries in the Middle East, Rabat is a low-risk destination according to the travel risk map that was published in 2019. Certainly, you can enjoy an Interesting trip to Rabat, Morocco.

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     Places to visit.


Medina - panoramic view of the city

 In the 17th century, there was a wave of immigration of Muslims from Andalusia, and they had a significant impact on the architecture. You are safe exploring the Medina. But after dark, it is best to stick to illuminated tourist areas. The best places to visit are Souk es Sabat and Rue Souka. Other places not to miss are the Koubba Mosque and Merenid Fountain.

     Ville Nouvelle (New City).

Archaeological Museum, New City - Rabat, Morocco

 In the new city, you will find the Archaeological Museum and the Postal Museum. You will find the latter on Avenue Hassan II, which skirts the edge of the new city. The road follows the contours of the Old City Walls.

 On the southern edge of the new city, you will find the royal palace, which was constructed in 1864. It is still a working palace so is not open to the public, but you can get a good view from the nearby Sunna Mosque.

     Jardins Exotiques.

Jardins Exotiques - series of gardens with palm trees

 A short-distance outside of Rabat is the Jardins Exotiques. This is a series of gardens shaded by palm trees. Horticulturist Marcel Francois created these gardens, and brought sub-Saharan African species. He also brought plants from Asia and South America.

 It is a better idea to visit this complex on weekdays as at weekends it is very busy.

     Salé Medina.

Salé Medina is a great place to stay

 The medina in Salé is a marvelous place to chill out and relax in the hot afternoons. It is a place with a great deal of character, and full of things to discover. Salé Grand Mosque is worth a visit, as is the Mausoleum of Sidi Ben Ashir.

 You can also visit the wonderful souks; a great place to practice your haggling skills. A nice thing about the souks here is that they are still aimed at locals and have not commercialized.

 Tourists are welcome, but the primary aim of the souks is to serve the local population. When you want to enjoy an Interesting trip to Rabat, Morocco, this is the sort of place that you should expect to see.

     Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Image of Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary Arts

 This museum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rabat. The collection is inside a renovated French Colonial period building. The building is not large, but it still manages to house works from all the country’s top names.

     Rabat Archaeology Museum.

Great view of the Rabat Archaeology Museum

 Another excellent museum is the Rabat Archaeology Museum. This museum opened its doors in 1932 but was later increased in size. They have human remains from the Middle Paleolithic period. This shows how far back Morocco’s history stretches.

 More recent civilizations, like the Roman and Greeks, are also included. They have a fantastic collection of bronzes.

     Hassan Tower.

Hassan Tower - popular attraction in Rabat, Morocco

 The Almohads came out of the Berber tribes in southern Morocco. They expanded across the whole of North Africa and the southern part of Spain.

 The Hassan Tower was the work of Almohad ruler Yacoub al-Mansur and was still not finished when he died in 1150.

 He had planned that it was to be a Minaret for a mosque that he was to build on the site. This 45-metre tower is all that remains of this project. The tower is next to the Mausoleum of Mohammed V.

     Mausoleum of King Mohammed V.

View of the Mausoleum of King Mohammed V

 They built this mausoleum on the very same spot that the exiled Mohammed V held a celebration. A celebration of achieving independence. He gathered together a crowd of thousands of Moroccans to thank God. This was immediately following his return from exile in Madagascar.

 The tomb is stunning and covered in zellige tilework. Non-Muslims cannot enter the Mosque. But as long as they wear appropriate clothing, they can view the tomb chamber from above.

     Oudaias Museum and the Andalusian Gardens.

Image of Oudaias Museum and the Andalusian Gardens

 Set inside the Oudaias Kasbah you will find some gardens that created in the early 20th century. In the gardens, you will find the 17th-century lodge built by the Sultan of Morocco (1645-1727).

 Moulay Ismail is also known as Ismail Ibn Sharif and the lodge was his first home in Rabat. The museum displays an ancient Moroccan interior and artifacts.

     Oudaias Kasbah.

Oudaias Kasbah - this area is the main tourist center of Rabat

 The Kasbah district in Rabat is the high spot of the Rabat tourist experience. They constructed the walls in the 11th century. Inside the walls, you will find a peaceful Andalusian style architecture. The white and blue lanes are ideal for strolling and chilling out.

One place you should not miss is the Kasbah Mosque, built-in 1150. This is the oldest mosque in Rabat. It is a great place for photographers and is quite frankly one place in Rabat you should not miss.

     Final Words.

 If you are looking for travel bargains, the slow season in Rabat is June to August. The weather is normally comfortably hot during these months, and you will not have your trip interrupted by rain. If you come in September, you will find it incredibly busy, and prices will be at their highest. The least popular month for vacations to Rabat is November, and that is where the biggest savings will be found.

 To get to Rabat you should use Rabat–Salé Airport which serves both cities. The cost of a taxi to the center of Rabat is about $20. Alternatively, you can catch the airport shuttle bus to Rabat for around $2.5. You could also opt for the local bus (service 2) from the bus station outside the airport (next to the supermarket). It’s about a six-minute walk from the airport and will cost you about 50 cents.

 This destination is certainly one for culture and architecture lovers, and we hope that you will enjoy an Interesting trip to Rabat, Morocco.

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