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What is Cairo, Egypt Famous For?

Panoramic view of Cairo, Egypt

 Egypt is known around the world for a lot of things, particularly for the Pyramids of Giza and the River Nile. But its capital city, Cairo, is famous for its own history and landmarks that date back to medieval Islamic times. Not only is it the 19th largest city in the world, but also quite a unique and interesting place to visit.

 You will find a lot of mesmerizing things in the city from ancient stones and Pharaoh Statues to things like Hookah or Shisha and cotton robes or Burqa for women. In this post, we will discuss what is Cairo, Egypt famous for by looking at its most popular attractions as well as items that are unique to this city.

   Famous Attractions in Cairo.

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 In addition to the Pyramids, Cairo is home to a number of tourist attractions that can make your trip a worthwhile experience.

   Some of the famous locations in Cairo include:

     The Egyptian Museum.

The Greatest Museum in the World - Cairo, Egypt

 If you want to see one of the greatest museums in the world, visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. There are treasures to witness here as well as some really magnetic ancient artifacts like the pharaoh’s wardrobe and the famous Egyptian jewelry. Anyone who likes to learn about historical events would love this place.

     Al-Azhar Mosque.

Al-Azhar Mosque - Egyptian mosque in Islamic Cairo

 One of the oldest mosques in the city and the oldest university, Al-Azhar Mosque is a treat to watch. It is the best example of ancient Islamic architecture and one of the most fascinating sites. This mosque was constructed in the year 972 and the first Friday prayers were held in the month of Ramadan the very same year.

     The Citadel.

The Citadel - majestic structure and interesting attraction for tourists, Cairo

 This majestic structure was built in the year 1176 by Saladin. Although the original structure is no longer preserved, the place itself is quite mesmerizing because of its location and surroundings. One of the most important landmarks of Cairo, The Mosque of Muhammad Ali, is also situated here.

     Museum of Islamic Art.

Museum of Islamic art, Cairo, Egypt

 If you want to witness amazing collections like Ottoman tile work and intricate wood-inlay products from the times long gone by, you have got to pay a visit to the Museum of Islamic Art. From carved marble pieces to decorated carpets, there are many interesting things to find here.

     Ibn Tulun Mosque.

Mosque of Ibn Tulun - famous landmark in Cairo, Egypt

 One of the greatest attractions in the city, Ibn Tulun Mosque is the second-largest mosque in Cairo. You can explore Sultan Hassan Mosque and Ibn Tulun Mosque together on the same day trip. The two famous mosques are located within walking distance from each other.

 There are many other famous landmarks and places like Al-Azhar Park, Zamalek, Manial Palace and Nilometer. All these places are famous among tourists, and they can make your tour more memorable and exciting. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the other popular mosques in the city and explore the markets to find some truly unique products.

 Keep reading on if you want to find out about the things exclusive to Cairo.

     What is Cairo Egypt Famous For?

 If you want to get the true feeling of Egyptian street life, visit Cairo. Although it’s polluted and noisy, it is very alive and totally thriving. With all its rich history combined with the modern way of living, the city has a magical quality about it. There are a number of world-famous mosques located here, including the Mosque of Muhammad Ali and Sultan Hassan Mosque.

 The oldest university in the world is also located in Cairo and is known as Al-Azhar University. There are some items and souvenirs that you will only find in Cairo, such as handcrafted metal works, incense, some famous delicious Eastern desserts and unique pottery and ceramics.

 Impressive art pieces like the Fanoos and famous Egyptian musical instruments are things you will find totally mesmerizing in Cairo. The instrument called “Nai” is considered very challenging to play even for the expert musicians. Another popular instrument found in Cairo is the “Duff”.

Image of famous Egyptian musical instruments

 This is an ancient drum-like instrument mostly used in Arab countries for welcoming the guests. Cairo is also famous for its amazing hand blown glass works. These ornaments are widely available throughout the city, and you can also find a huge variety at the “Old Market”.

 If you are fond of cosmetics, you will be thrilled to know that Kohl first originated from Egypt. To use the best and the most original Kohl product, you will have to visit Cairo. Egyptians still use the original powder to beautify their eyes and do not rely on other replica products. It comes in a copper or glass bottle with an eye pen for application.

Best Egyptian Cosmetics

 People who visit Cairo make sure they bring back home some truly fascinating souvenirs. Some of these include Alabaster stone items, Egyptian amulets, and essential oils.

 Cairo is also known around the world for its amazing desserts. Basbousa Ice cream, chocolate chip lava cake, cream puffs stuffed with vanilla ice cream and the cookies crepes are only a few to mention. There are special places around the city to find and enjoy these desserts.


 The largest city in the Arab world, Cairo is well-known around the world for a lot of things. If you plan on visiting Cairo in near future, you must already have the Pyramids of Giza on your itinerary. However, it’s interesting to know that Cairo has a lot of other spell-binding sites to see.

 In this article, we have explored what is Cairo Egypt famous for by discussing its famous landmarks and destinations. We have also looked at some of its attention-grabbing traditions and things that are only found in Egypt.

   Want to see the traditional Arab belly dancing costume?

 You will find it in Cairo! Another interesting item that keeps many tourists entertained is the Fanoos, which means light instrument, and it is ancient lighting equipment.

 Traditional carpets composed of ancient art are also a specialty of Cairo. In addition to all these items, you will also find a number of historical landmarks to visit and take pleasure in. Get ready for a truly mesmerizing experience!

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