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Wonderful Trip to Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives

Beautiful view of the Indian Ocean, Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives

 The island of Vilamendhoo is a gem in the Indian Ocean; the island is part of the island nation of the Maldives that is made up of over 1,200 different islands. Vilamendhoo is part of the Alif Dhaal Atoll, which is a collection of islands that are under one administrative unit. The island is famous for its crystal clear water, its clean beaches, and its wildlife.

 We will be discussing all of these topics plus more in this wonderful trip to Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives.

     History of the Vilamendhoo Island.

 For the majority of its known history, the island of Vilamendhoo has been uninhabited by people. However, it has been used as a whale fishing outpost for fishermen from the populated islands nearby by, such as the islands of Maamigili, Mahibadhoo, and Dhangethi.

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 The majority of the population were followers of the Buddhism Religion with many Buddhist meditation temples known as stupa being located around the surrounding regions.

Spectacular views of the white sand on the beach and the Indian Ocean, Vilamendhoo Island

 By the 12th century A.D, however, Islam arrived in the Maldives islands thanks to trade with the Muslim Empires and Emirates in Arabia as well the growing influence of Islam in the Indian subcontinent with states such as the Delhi Sultanate which at its peak controlled the majority of modern-day Pakistan and India.

 However, the people of the Maldives have their own unique culture and language called Dhivehi which is spoken across the over one thousand islands that make up the country of the Maldives as well as many more islands that are part of India.

 Today the Vilamendhoo Island has been converted into a high-quality destination that is enjoyed by thousands of people every single year.

     The Coral Reef of Vilamendhoo Island.

 Vilamendhoo Island is also home to a coral reef which is a living breathing ecosystem that is made up of corals which are a living invertebrate that is related to other creatures such as crabs and lobsters. These living creatures spend most of their life in one space, feeding off the algae that grow on them.

 And even after the coral passes away they remain in that same place, continuing to provide a safe haven for fish to hide from predators, birth their young and bring them up in a safe of an environment as possible. Corals can live for a very long time; some corals, for example, are able to live for over 4000 years.

Image of crystal clear ocean water on a sunny day, Island of Vilamendhoo

 There are an estimated 150 species of tropical fish that live in and around the Vilamendhoo Coral Reef. These tropical fish are renowned for the bright colors that they use to attract prey, scare predators, and also to attract mates for breeding.

 The coral reefs of the island are also very colorful thanks to the algae that grow over them and as a way to deal with ultraviolet light that is emitted from the sun.

     Wildlife of Vilamendhoo Island.

 Apart from the over one hundred and fifty different species of fish that live around the island of Vilamendhoo, there are many more different types of animals such as arguably the most famous one the Whale Shark. The Whale Shark is a slow shark whose name comes from due to its large size, which often led to it being mistaken for a whale.

 Whale Sharks are not dangerous to humans are due to their large size that inhibits how fast they can move they have evolved to eat only very small prey such as small fish, plankton, and shrimp, for example, that go in by themselves in the mount of the Whale Shark that is constantly open.

Views of the Indian Ocean and Bungalows at the time of sunset, Island of Vilamendhoo

 There are also many birds on the island that mainly feed on fish and other creatures from the ocean. These birds include the Grey Heron, Black Crows, and Cinnamon Bitterns. Additionally, there are fruit bats that sleep during the day and night comes out to feast on the fruits and vegetation growing on the island such as bananas and coconuts.

     Water Sports & Activities Around Vilamendhoo Island.

 If you are on the lookout for a wonderful trip to Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives with a bit of action then it is recommended that you take part in some of the lively water-based activities that are available for tourists on the island of Vilamendhoo.

 One of those activities is snorkeling which takes place along trained guides that let you experience the small fish and coral reefs from the surface.

View of many bungalows and ocean, Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives

 Additionally, there are scuba diving tours that allow you to go deeper into the surrounding Indian Ocean to explore the local coral reefs and get up close to sea creatures such as the Whale Shark. Although it is important to note that for scuba diving, you need to be a certified diver in order to be able to take part.

 Moreover, there is a wide variety of water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, jet-skiing, water skiing, and taking a ride in a catamaran boat which is a traditional ship used by the natives of the Maldives for hundreds of years.

     Relaxing & Romance on Vilamendhoo Island.

 There is also another side to the island of Vilamendhoo, what is great about this small Indian Ocean island is that in total there are only 184 hotel rooms which mean that unlike other tourist destinations, you do not have to worry about overcrowding on Vilamendhoo.

 Therefore, if you are looking for a place to wind down and recharge your batteries from your hectic life then this is the perfect location to do it. One of the best places to do this on the island is at the Duniye Spa, where you can have many different types of therapeutic treatments from all over the world, including local methods from the Maldives Islands.

View of the pool and recreation area for tourists, Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives

 The islands are also a great romantic getaway for you and your other half to escape to in order to celebrate special occasions such as a honeymoon, an anniversary or simply if you want to go on holiday together.

 There are special romantic packages on the island that allow you to save money as well as have a special event organized for you such as a champagne breakfast and a special romantic dinner by the sea.

     Geography of Vilamendhoo Island.

 Vilamendhoo is part of a series of islands known as the Alif Dhaal Atoll which at one point millions of years ago were all one bigger landmass. The Maldives is a country that is made up of over 1,200 islands. However, that is not an issue as all of the islands are accessible by a quick plane journey.

Image of a seaplane taking off from Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives

 For example, the island of Vilamendhoo is just 25 minutes away from the main airport in the country of the Maldives called the Velana International Airport. There is no airport on the island of Vilamendhoo, instead, seaplanes are used which can land and take off from on the sea.

 The island is surrounded by a lagoon which is a low sandbank that is fully or partially subdued by water. This provides a great environment for tourists to explore, as there are thousands of small fish that live in this habitat.

     The Flora of Vilamendhoo Island.

 By taking on a wonderful trip to Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives then you will be able to enjoy a rich and diverse tropical flora that includes grass and sand grass. And there is also a large variety of trees that you may find in rainforests around the world.

 These trees grow very tall and are known for producing fruit and edible plants such as bananas, pandanus, and coconuts which are harvested by the locals.

Image of the magnificent beach at Vilamendhoo Island, Maldives

 A large part of the flora of the island is based in the sea such as mangroves which are plants that grow from soil that is submerged in the water. These plants tend to grow up to the surface of the water and in some cases grow out of the water in order to be able to capture as much sunlight to be able to grow.

 Such flora cannot be found in most places around the world, additionally, the flora of Vilamendhoo Island is untouched by civilization, so it is a great idea to check it out if you decide to book a holiday on this tropical island.

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