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Travel to the City of Adana, Turkey

Gorgeous night view of the city of Adana, Turkey

 If you are planning to travel to the city of Adana, Turkey, it is situated inland northeast of the Mediterranean Sea, on the Seyhan River. Adana is a very old city based in Cilicia, which was once the most important region of the classical world.

 The area is now home to about 10 million people, many living in surrounding areas. The city has recently reinvented itself to reverse the economic decline and now holds festivals and entertainment to attract tourists back to the once thriving center.

     Climate Adana.

 The city has a Mediterranean climate, hot in Summer and mild wet winters. Sometimes heatwaves bring temperatures over 40 degrees F, and winter never gets much below 10 degrees F. This makes the city popular with tourists, and because it is the oldest city in Cilicia, going back 8 millenniums.

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Magnificent evening view of Seyhan River, city of Adana, Turkey

 This makes it the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, in 64 BC it was occupied by the Romans. The bridge over the river Seyhan, then called Sarus, was built early in the 2nd century. In the 16th century, the Ottomans occupied the area that was ruled by Constantinople, and this ended in 1832 when Egypt invaded Syria reached Cilicia and a treaty was signed making the city part of Egypt.

     Visit Adana.

 If we have an interest in history, a visit to this part of Turkey is essential. The surviving historical buildings, bridges, and Churches must be seen. Towards the end of World War 1, the area was occupied by the French, and the war did a lot of damage to Adana.

Image of Sabanci Merkez Mosque and fountains in Adana city, Turkey

 But was soon rebuilt with a railroad opening south, the French began to retreat. This was a time of great unrest, and finally, the French retreated and abandoned the area, and another peace treaty was signed.


 The city consists of urban neighborhoods, with a large central business district, and several modern residential districts. In all, there are 254 neighborhoods that make up the city. Adana is one of the better economically developed cities in Turkey, and it is interesting how it keeps reinventing itself. Back in the Ottoman Era, it was an agricultural area, exporting products to the USA after the civil war.

Aerial view of the city of Adana, Turkey

 In the 1940s, many Jewish and Christian people left Turkey because a wealth tax was introduced to distribute wealth more equally, and it became noneconomical for them to remain. Armenians and Greeks who were not living in their houses lost them to the government, who acquired them and deported the Armenians. Only skilled craftsmen were allowed to remain. Schools and Churches reopened after the first world war and life returned to normal.

     Travel to The City of Adana, Turkey – What to See?

View of the old Taskopru Stone Bridge, Adana, Turkey

  1. Adana has numerous attractions and one of these is the Taskopru stone bridge, as it is the world’s oldest bridge built between 120-130 AD by the Romans. It has 15 arches and is very long. It was closed to motor traffic in 2007, but tourists and locals can walk across it. Many of the city’s cultural events are held there.
  2. The Ataturk Museum is named after Kemal Ataturk, who founded the republic of Turkey and was Turkey’s first President and lived there for a while.
  3. Sabanci Central Mosque, this stunning piece of architecture, was opened in 1998. It has six minarets and can hold up to 28,500 worshippers. It is large and beautiful, and you will want to see it, surrounded by manicured lawns.
  4. Near the Mosque is Merkez Park, located mainly on the west bank of the Seyhan River. It has cycling and walking tracks, a skating track, and a mini amphitheater. You will see a rowing club on the Seyhan River.
  5. The Seyhan Dam is just near Adana’s business district. You can visit the pretty island in the middle of the dam. There are restaurants and clubs, like beach clubs, where you can get something to eat and drink while admiring the view.
  6. The Cinema Museum has two floors of exhibits devoted to Turkish movies and was established in 2011.
  7. The Buyuk Saat Clock Tower is a landmark that has stood since the Ottoman era and is surrounded by creative and artistic shops with souvenirs.
  8. Ramazanoglu Hall near the tower was built in the 15th century and was used for visiting sultans during the Ottoman era.
  9. Ataturk Park, a relaxing downtown park, frequented by the locals.
  10. Mavi Su Aqualand, is a Waterpark on the east side of the Seyhan. It has waterslides and a wave pool with a special kid’s area. The kids will love it, and professional lifeguards are employed to monitor it. Refreshments are available when you purchase a card for that purpose. In Summer, the city of Adana gets very hot, and this is the place to relax and enjoy your holiday. There are activities for every age group, and you might just want to lie on the grass and read a book, while the kids have all the fun!
  11. Dining out in Adana, there are so many amazing restaurants in Adana. Turkish food is generally very healthy, whether you want a Mezze platter or a buffet, Turkish food is all around you. The kids will love the Turkish bread and the Kebabs that you can eat with your fingers or wrapped in the bread. Turkish restaurants also serve the world’s best pastries and sweets, including Turkish Delight, which tastes so much better than the one at home. There are lots of sophisticated bars and cafes for adults to have a drink and chat, often while eating finger food and listening to music or live bands.


 Travel to the city of Adana, Turkey and spend a week there, exploring the past and checking out the future. The good news is, it doesn’t really matter what time of the year you go, as the weather is nearly always good.

Beautiful view of Sabanci Merkez Mosque, Adana

 Travel by motor vehicle or train up from the Mediterranean Sea, and check out points of interest along the way. If you are interested in attending a festival, your travel agent can brief you on what is available, often in Summer.

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