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Travel to the City of Cancun, Mexico

Aerial view of the coastline and beach in city of Cancun, Mexico

 Cancun is a name that you have likely heard before thanks to its frequent portrayal in movies and music videos. The city of Cancun is located on the Quintana Roo horn bordering the Caribbean Sea, making Cancun one of the most eastern parts of the country of Mexico with a very different environment and climate when compared to the north of Mexico.

 We are going to be telling you everything that you need to know about this city so when you travel to the city of Cancun, Mexico you will have a better understanding and a deeper connection.

     Population of Cancun.

 Cancun is a coastal city that has experienced one of the fastest population growths in all of Mexico, with the population increasing by 77.2% in 5 years between 1990 and 1995 while also experiencing between 35% and 18% of population growth for the next 20 years which has seen the population of Cancun more than double.

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 Today Cancun is the 23rd most populated city in all of Mexico as well as being the most populated city in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo despite not being the state capital.

Image of a map showing the location of the city of Cancun, Mexico

 Cancun has been inhabited by local populations for hundreds and hundreds of years, but its recent rise to importance to Mexico’s culture and the economy as well as the recent boom in population has occurred thanks to the investment of the Mexican government in the tourism industry in the city.

     Notable People Born in Cancun.

 One of the most famous people from Cancun is Mexican footballer Carlos Vela who is one of the most successful footballers to come from the Mexican football academies.

 Vela has played for leading football clubs such as Arsenal F.C. where he was recruited as a youth, played 29 times for the senior team, and was loaned out to mostly Spanish clubs. Vela spent the majority of his long career at the Spanish team Real Sociedad, and he currently plays for the American team Los Angeles FC.

View of the beach and blue sky in the city of Cancun, Mexico

 Furthermore, you have Ana Talancon who is a Mexican actress who has won multiple prestigious acting rewards such as the Sol de Oro in 1999 for being the best new actress. She has appeared in mostly Spanish language films, with some minor appearances in English-speaking films. Additionally, you have Yael Fernandez, who is a member of the very popular Mexican pop group LemonGrass.

     History of the City of Cancun.

 The oldest-known inhabitants of what is now the city of Cancun is the Mayans who had a settlement in the area that was called Nizuc, in the 1600s the city of Cancun was taken over by the Spanish Empire. Today historians cannot agree on the origin of the name of the city of Cancun, some historians believe that it has a Mayan language origin while other historians believe that it was a made-up name by the new Spanish overlords.

Image of the city name Cancun in big and colorful letters

 Cancun is a success story of decisive Mexican government action and the entrepreneurial spirit, in the 1970s the Mexican government decided to invest a considerable amount of money into the city with foreign investors not being willing to risk putting in money into the city of Cancun to build hotels and holiday resorts.

 The bet made by the government of Mexico paid off and saw Cancun become a major tourist destination in the area, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the city and the surrounding areas.

     Climate of the City Cancun.

 A good reason to travel to the city of Cancun, Mexico is the great weather all year round; the city of Cancun experiences an average temperature of 27.2 degrees Celsius throughout the year. And unsurprisingly, the months between May and September every year happen to be the warmest, although they are just 2 degrees Celsius hotter than the or during the month of February the carnival season of the region begins.

 Mérida, Campeche, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Cancún are filled with color in a party filled with musical, cultural, craft and gastronomic events. In Cancun, various sectors of society in coordination with the local city council participate with the presentation of colorful caravans that cross the main avenues of the city and in the contest to select the queen and ugly king of the carnival.

Image stunning beach with white sand in Cancun, Mexico

 Although much remains to be done, each year there are more participants and attending public, both residents and national and foreign visitors, who join this celebration, which means that in the not too distant future, it will make this festival of joy, one of the most important and recognized in the Caribbean.

 During the average year, there are 112.7 rainy days, with the rainiest months being June, September, October, and November with the month of October seeing the most rain out of all of them with 16.4 rainy days on average during that month every year.

 Thanks to this mix of hot temperatures and also frequent rain, Cancun is home to many exotic animal species such as Striped Iguanas and the Mexican Zanate which can only be found in a few places around the world, with one of those places being Cancun.

     Popularity of Sports in Cancun.

 Sports are also very popular within the confines of the city of Cancun; one of the most popular sports in the city is football with the leading football club within the city being Atlante F.C. which is a club that is over 100 years old and currently plays in the second division of the Mexican League.

 Moreover, the city of Cancun is home to another professional football team called Pioneros de Cancun which is currently playing in the third division of the Mexican football leagues.

Panoramic view of Cancun city at sunset time

 Furthermore, baseball is a very popular sport, with the Tigres de Quintana Roo being the most popular baseball team in the city, with many of their youth players going on to play in the Major League Baseball league in the United States which is without a doubt seen as the leading baseball league in the entire world.

     Culture of Cancun.

 Cancun is a cultural melting pot; the local government of Cancun promotes local culture by funding local artist’s exhibitions which helps to promote free expression within this city. Furthermore, there is the Tropo a la Una which is a cultural magazine that is published every month and showcases various cultural events in this coastal city.

 Apart from that, there is the Cancun Riviera Maya International Film Festival which is held every year during the autumn; it showcases Mexican and Caribbean nation films.

Beautiful view of buildings, hotels and the sea, Cancun, Mexico

 Carnivals are very popular in Cancun, with the so-called carnival season taking place, the most exclusive carnival events are held at the islands off the coast of Cancun such as Isla Mujeres and also the Cozumel Island. Moreover, Cancun is one of the only two cities in Mexico in history to host the Miss Universe competition.

     Nightlife in the City of Cancun.

 If you travel to the city of Cancun, Mexico you will be able to experience the stunning nightlife that has to offer to all types of people. You have five-star hotels that have massive nightclubs built into them depending on the policies of the hotel that are exclusive just to the residents of that respective hotel or are open to everyone to visit and enjoy.

Magnificent Caribbean landscape, Mexico

 At those nightclubs, you can enjoy performances of famous Mexican and international musicians, singers, and DJs, alternatively, you have the option of hundreds of other smaller nightclubs that allow you to experience the nightclub scene that the average resident of Cancun enjoys every weekend.

 If nightclubs are not up to your taste, then there are many options for you such as restaurants located next to the beautiful night scenery that is illuminated by the lights of the buildings below. There you can enjoy tasty traditional Cancun food while taking in the fresh sea air and a light breeze with your loved ones.

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