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Travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Avenida Paulista Boulevard in Sao Paulo, Brazil

 Sao Paulo is one of the most iconic Brazilian cities and states when the majority of people hear the name Sao Paulo, they instantly think of Brazil and its amazing beaches and colorful carnivals.

 By traveling Sao Paulo, you will be able to visit all the different sides to Brazil, from beautiful natural environments to the modern architecture of this Brazilian financial hub. Dear readers, we will be detailing all the reasons why you should visit Sao Paulo at least once in your lifetime in this article.

     A Mecca for Museum Lovers.

 As the richest city in Brazil, many of the citizens of Sao Paulo have a love for art, culture, and history. Therefore, it is of no surprise that in this city you can find the biggest museums in Brazil with the rarest and most significant archaeological finds.

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Image of the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur - Museum in Sao Paulo

 If you are looking to learn about and see historical finds from the earliest parts of recorded civilization then it is highly recommended that you visit the Museum of Zoology of the University of São Paulo where you can see remains of dinosaurs and well-known Ice Age creatures such as Saber Tooths and Mammoths.

 The stereotype of Brazilians loving football is further portrayed in the Sao Paulo Football Museum where for only between $10 and $20 you can learn about the history of Brazilian football from 1930’s all the way up to the modern times with the museum being built in such a way that you experience in a way a journey throughout the museum that teaches you everything that you need to know about how football became the national sport of Brazil.

Sao Paulo Art Museum Paulista Avenue

 Another popular museum in the city is the Sao Paulo Art Museum where you can view the art from the biggest Brazilian artists such as Jose Ferraz, Diego Rivera and Lasar Segall. Every year millions of people attend this art museum with frequent art exhibitions being hosted at this museum where you can view artwork from all around the world.

     Most Modern City on the Continent.

 Sao Paulo is the most modern city on the continent of South America, first being founded by the Portuguese in on the 25th of January 1554, although there were small settlements in that area of the Tupi people who at the time were one of the most populous indigenous communities in what is now Brazil.

Sao Paulo Buildings Skyline - Brasil

 In the late 17th century the city experienced massive growth after gold was discovered in the nearby state of Minas Gerais which brought tens of thousands of new settlers to the area.

  Originally gaining its wealth through industries such as lumber and rubber industries, before becoming a banking and financial center that attracts the brightest professionals in Brazil and the rest of Latin America. Sao Paulo contributes around 33% of the entire GDP of Brazil and is estimated to be the 10th richest city in the world, with predictions that it will become the 6th richest city by the year 2025.

 So while visiting Sao Paulo you should have no worries about missing the modern amenities that you find in your native country, in Sao Paulo, you will find some of the world’s best contemporary shopping malls, nightclubs, and Theme Parks.

     Iconic Nightlife.

 When heading to Sao Paulo you are guaranteed to experience some of the best nightlife in your life if you decide to try it out. You will see in countless movies Sao Paulo being used to illustrating the idealistic nightlife of high-class bars along with the most picturesque views you can ever imagine.

Sao Paulo has the best night clubs in the world

 There are nightclubs available for all kinds of people, there are the stereotypical nightclubs targeted for the younger people and people who just love to party hard.

 At these nightclubs, you can experience great DJ sets and even live Brazilian music, and even if you don’t speak Portuguese you have nothing to worry about as Sao Paulo is a city that makes a large part of its income from tourism so if you speak one of the most widely spoken languages in the world such as English, French, and Spanish you will find Brazilian people that will understand you and help you.

 If partying with hundreds of other revelers in a tightly packed nightclub is not your style then you also have the option to buy a few beers and some takeaway food of your choice and relax on the beach with your friends, family and other people relaxing on the beach.

 Furthermore, if you decide to visit Brazil during the summer you will be able to admire the view until 10 pm into the night as the sun sets much later during the summer months.

     Football is in Brazilian DNA.

 By going to Sao Paulo, you have the opportunity to experience some of the strongest and most authentic football cultures in the world. Sao Paulo is the most populous city in Brazil, with a population of over 33 million, and it has produced many of the best-known football stars in the world.

Image of a Brazilian soccer field and flag

 Some notable names include world-class defender Dani Alves who has played for major teams such as Barcelona, Juventus, and PSG.

 Then you also have Alexandre Pato who during his earliest years was considered one of the best players in the world and was a leading player in the Chinese Super League. Moreover, you also have Bruno Alves, who is a prospect of Sao Paulo FC’s academy and is a fairly successful footballer who has played for many of Brazil’s biggest clubs.

Football is in Brazilian DNA - here is the best players in the world

 The biggest club in the city is Sao Paulo FC who are big rivals with other leading domestic Brazilian league clubs such as Santos and also Corinthians.

 Despite Sao Paulo FC not being a very rich club compared to the leading clubs in Europe and China, this does not matter as the club has a die-hard fan base which is perfectly shown in the fact that this club that is not well known outside Brazil has a population with a capacity for 72,000 people.

Image of a soccer field with a ball

  If you are visiting Sao Paulo, then you simply must attend a football match, even if you are not present during the football season you can still attend as the team will be playing friendly matches with other local and international teams.

 Tickets are pretty affordable too, and you don’t need to be right in front of the pitch to experience the atmosphere of the stadium.

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