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What You Can See Interesting in La Romana, Dominican Republic? 10 Best Places.

Altos de Chavon in La Romana, Dominican Republic - popular attraction

 Are you planning a trip to La Romana in the Dominican Republic? In this article, we take a look at what you can see interesting in La Romana. There is a great deal to see, so we have selected 10 of the best places to visit.

Map of Dominican Republic, La Romana with the pointer location

     1. Coco Bongo Nightclub Experience.

 We will start with the nightlife. Coco Bongo Nightclub is one of the most famous in South America, and while in La Romana, you must sample its delights. This club has a reputation for amazing special effects, lighting, glitter confetti and just non-stop activity.

 It is a true spectacle in itself and the music and performances are equally good. This is why it is so famous. There are various tour packages which include pickup and drop at the hotel, an open bar, premium drinks, and one package is sure to appeal.

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Bright girl in a night club

     2. Ron Barceló Rum Factory Tour.

 On this tour, you can find out how they make Rum from Dominican sugar cane. How the process of harvesting, distilling, and aging takes place. And YES, you do get to sample the rum that was voted “best Rum in the World” two years running. Under 18s can take the tour free as they do not get to sample.

Image of a barrel of rum

     3. Tabacalera de Garcia Casa de Campo. World Largest Cigar Factory.

 Just take a short drive from the La Romana city center, and you will find the world’s largest cigar factory. We know the factory for its world-famous Romeo y Julieta and MonteCristo premium brand cigars.

 On the tour, you will learn all about cigar manufacture and watch cigars being hand-rolled. Having watched the process, you will also roll one of your own and to buy a great cigar direct from the factory. There are various tours, including one which includes a box of four MonteCristo cigars, which means the $35 tour actually was reduced to just $5.

Image of cigars and boxes to them

     4. Casa de Campo.

 Casa de Campo means a country house. It is a tropical seaside resort developed in 1975. In La Romana and has over 1,700 private villas which surround a 400 berth marina. Surrounding the harbor are over 70 fine restaurants, shops, bars, and homes. It is the most wealthy community in the Dominican Republic and can be regarded as something like the Hamptons in the USA.

 It has a first-class golf course which has hosted several major tournaments. It is the only Caribbean course to get included in the top 50 golf courses.

Luxury yachts docked in the port in bay - La Romana

     5. Altos de Chavon.

 This is the most popular attraction in La Romana and consists of a recreation of a 16th Century Mediterranean village. The village sits above the Chavón River and offers splendid views of the river itself. Inside the village, you will find an archaeological museum and a cultural center. There is a five thousand seat Roman-style amphitheater which has hosted concerts from many artists, including Frank Sinatra and Julio Iglesias.

 When visiting any new city we always suggest taking a basic city tour. This will help you place the attractions into context and help you choose what you can see and what is interesting in La Romana, Dominican Republic. In the following tour, you will see the main parts of the city and also visit briefly some key tourist spots.

Ancient village Altos de Chavon - La Romana

     6. La Romana City Tour.

 The La Romana city tour is a popular tour that summarizes the city. It includes visits to Casa De Campo and Altos De Chavon.

 The tour stops at a well-known Dominican cigar factory, where members of the tour can learn more about how cigars have been historically been made in the Dominican Republic. Finally, there is time allocated for souvenir shopping.

Beautiful panorama - La Romana, Dominican Republic

     7. La Entradita Bar & Restaurant.

 La Entradita is a restaurant and bar which overlooks a small sandy beach in La Romana. The place is very busy at weekends, so best to come midweek for a daytime visit. In the evenings it has an amazing atmosphere with Bass speakers pumping out the beat and great music that will get you moving.

 If you want to slow down you can always order some food. You will find this bar at Playa Caleta, which is a public beach that the locals use. Fewer beach sellers and a real atmosphere. It is highly recommended.

Image of a beautiful beach with palm trees

     8. Juan Pablo Duarte Park.

 This park, Juan Pablo Duarte Park, is named after one of the key figures in the history of the Dominican Republic.

 The park contains a bandstand, a statue of Juan Pablo Duarte, and the Walk of the Immortals, which is a series of statues of Latin American baseball players, all of whom have been inducted into the Hall of Fame of Latin baseball.

Amphitheater in village of Altos de Chavon - La Romana, Dominican Republic

     9. Playa Caleta La Romana.

 Playa Caleta is a public beach which is used by local people. It is a sandy beach with a couple of rock outcrops which people use to jump off into the sea. If you are looking to see how local people have fun and get to taste the real local cuisine, then this is the place for you.

 It is a public beach so is not the cleanest beach in La Romana, but it is probably the most authentic. The water, however, is clear and great for swimming.

View of a beautiful Caribbean beach resort in La Romana, Dominican Republic

     10. Minitas Beach.

 If you prefer a private beach then Minitas beach will be the beach for you. It is a long sandy beach, pristine and just how you imagine a tropical beach should be. If you prefer something less hectic, then Minitas beach has very little bustle, and you can lay back in a chaise lounge chair, and watch life going by – as you sip a Pina Colada.

 There is a beach club overlooking the beach that serves excellent food and is another great place to relax. If you want some action, there are a range of water sports available at the beach. It has something for everyone.

Secluded beach on Island, La Romana, Dominican Republic

 There are other places to visit and some places that you will find for yourself as you explore. What you can see interesting in La Romana, Dominican Republic is very much going to depend on your particular taste.

 You may enjoy education factory tours or prefer the beaches. We have tried to have shown you the highlights, and we hope you enjoy exploring further yourself.

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