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Romantic Trip for Lovers. Go to Paris, France.

Image of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

 A beautiful girl had booked a romantic vacation to the city of love with her partner. She had dreamed of experiencing the romance of Paris since she was a girl. Unfortunately, her partner broke up with her shortly before the vacation. Heartbroken, she resolved to continue with the vacation with a girlfriend.

 The problem was that she had always wanted a picture kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower. Undeterred, she went to the Tower and walked up to a single guy selling paintings with the Eiffel Tower behind him. She asked if he had a girlfriend and when he said no, she asked him if he would kiss her there in front of the Eiffel Tower. The guy simply said of course, and the girl got her photo.

     Why is Paris the City of Love?

 We found a wonderful quote about Paris, that might be regarded as cynical by some, but is actually very true. The quote says that Going to Paris is similar to owning a pair of «VIP» shoes. «VIP» has brand recognition. «VIP» may not actually be the best shoes. However, people like brands and will choose the brand every time.

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 There may be other cities that have the same charm as Paris, Cities that have the same number of romantic places to visit. Prague is an example. It has many of the features of Gay Paree, charm, architecture, and cuisine. However, a trip to Prague for the weekend does not suggest the romantic motive that asking your loved one on a trip to Paris would carry.

Image of Paris bridge Pont Alexandre III and Seine river

 Paris has a charm and the suggestion of romance because we have grown to be conditioned to think of Paris that way. It has a brand that is synonymous with romance.

 Think of it the same way that you would think of a night out at an exclusive restaurant that normally has a long waiting list to get a booking. In reality, the food is probably no different from that served in any other good restaurant.

 But a trip to the exclusive restaurant will be that much more special because of the brand associations. A trip to Paris will always have connotations that other trips do not have Romance, Love, and an undefined charm.

     Paris for Lovers.

 Most people say the best time to visit the Eiffel Tower is just after night has fallen. As you walk towards the Tower you will be enchanted by the street lights of the city which shines against a backdrop of sky. In the city, they have a ban on buildings over six stories so that the skyline is not interrupted and everywhere has a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Happy and loving couple in Paris

 This, together with the wide streets makes it a perfect environment for lovers to stroll. As you approach the tower, you will see the twinkling lights that outline it come on every few minutes. It truly is a beautiful sight to see.

 Of course, Hollywood has its share of responsibility for making Paris the leading city for romance.

   Many movies have been made which feature Paris as a romantic destination.

     “Before Sunset”.

 This is a 2004 American romantic film (a sequel to Before Sunrise) that follows in real-time as the couple in Before Sunrise meet again in Paris 9 years later. The movie just exudes the romance of the city.

     “Forget Paris”.

 Forget Paris is a 1995 romantic comedy starring Billy Crystal and Debra Winger. The movie takes place partly in the USA, but centers on Paris for the romantic finale.

     “Moulin Rouge!”

 This 2001 blockbuster movie tells the story of an English poet, Christian who loves Satine a terminally ill star at the Moulin Rouge. The movie features the Montmartre Quarter of Paris.

     “Midnight in Paris”.

 Midnight in Paris (2011) written and directed by Woody Allen, is a romantic fantasy comedy set in Paris.

 These are just the top romantic movies that feature The City of Love and reinforce the concept of the city of romance. There are many more, all of which have played their part in creating the romantic brand of Paris. You will, of course, see the Eiffel Tower featured in all of these films.

Loving couple kisses on a Eiffel Tower background

     The Eiffel Tower.

 If you ask anyone about Paris and romance, and they will immediately mention the Eiffel Tower. It is one of the most famous structures in the world, and its association with love and romance has only added to its popularity. Amazingly, the Eiffel Tower was only supposed to be a temporary structure.

 It was built as the main entrance archway to the Exposition Universelle but public demand was so great that it was not dismantled.

   “Like this mesmerizing beauty, I am living my dream!”

   “Like this Eiffel’s peak, I am touching my sky!”

   “Like this colorful sunset, I am learning my life!”

   “Like this dreaming window, I am carrying my soul!”

   “With my dream!”

Anon Quote.

 The Eiffel Tower has spawned numerous poems and works of literature inspired by the aura felt by visitors. Should you visit the city and visit the tower with your loved one, perhaps on St. Valentine’s Day, you will create memories, the same memories that inspired authors and poets to try and capture the magic of the city and tower.

 The view from the top on a clear day is 100 km and is a wonderful way to put the city in perspective before you descend and stroll through the beautiful architecture of the city.

 Of course, some people perhaps take this love too far. A former American soldier became so attached to the Eiffel Tower that she married it and changed her name to Erika La Tour Eiffel.

Panoramic view of the city and the Eiffel Tower in Paris

 She pledged to love honor and obey in a ceremony attended by a handful of friends. Whilst we do not suggest going as far as marriage, we certainly do recommend a visit to this city of love with your loved one.

     Final Words.

 It is very clear that for a Romantic trip for lovers. Go to Paris, France. But for a good romance, avoid the locals. Some interesting facts about Paris that support this are that 43% of Parisians are single.

 In France as a whole, that figure is 10% lower. In France, 41% of marriages last more than 20 years but in the city of love, that figure sinks to 25%.

   We wish you an enjoyable and romantic experience in the City of Love!

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